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Sensationalised news sells quickly, and consequences are additional incentives

  • Some mainstream media offshoots believe in delivering sensationalized news to provoke public excitement and interest at the expense of news accuracy.
  • Case in point a Hindi Daily – Here are cuttings from the same news paper on different dates.
  • On 17th a big headline published a false allegation without any consideration towards the outcome of it.
  • On 20 Sept. the same newspaper says the students were brutally trashed by police.
amar 2

SHIMLA-We wonder, how much responsibility the newspaper including many other daily newspapers share for what the students suffered yesterday: police brutality beyond you one can imagine. It was a dreadful sight. The police was pressurized by the media and the HPU authorities, they pretended to have really meant the resignation they had filed with a statement that we don’t feel safe here and that they criticize the attack on the VC. Now, same newspapers today show sympathy for the victims.

Also, the same newspaper cashed on the pictures of the victims being beaten by police. It’s two headed spoon. Both situations made good opportunities for sensational headlines, in which the second one is true.


Click To Read/View Images: Black day for HPU: Police brutally beats, humiliates students, over 300 arrested

When our mainstream media is reporting from HPU, all they see is a separation of student groups, they see SFI, ABVP, NSUI, but to HW, we see only students. Most of which are own people; from various districts of a majestic Himalayan state. We don’t see badges. The differences among student groups don’t bother us. All that matters is that there is someone to stage protest and stand for the right cause. What worry us is the fate of our freedom. If you think that this stunningly repressive attitude of the Govt., the Gundagardi of the police, and drama of HPU authorities is just limited to the premises of HPU campus, then you are wrong. It was a demonstration for all including the public that if you dare to protest or raise your voice, then the results could be even worse. Terror is the key of this ugly political game. Creating such a terror that no one dares to even complaint.

We feel sorry for the policemen too, but not for the high rank officials. Of course, not even a single cane would have been charged without the consent of Himachal’s CM. No one took note of so many ongoing cases, allegations against ADN Bajpai, which also include that of corruption and forgery while he was posted at a MP university.

Our appeal to masses is that please, Wake UP. Try to stand for the truth, for your freedom, try to confirm it before you conceive any perception about the events that media reports to you.

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