shimla bypass

Shimla City roads after HP Govt. claims spending hundreds of crores on maintenance

SHIMLA – Govt. tells people that Shimla is the best city in India and people feel proud about it. But, we doubt it. Take a look at the video showing condition of Shimla city roads. Potholes are common all over Shimla roads, but the Nh 22 (bypass) road is of special significance.

After Cart Road collapse, traffic has been shifted to Shimla bypass road, especially buses and heavy vehicles. Whole city is suffering because of carelessness displayed by our Govt.

But, we dare you to walk for just five minutes on this road, especially from Phagali to Kanlog. The local residents have become used to dust. Public transport and HRTC buses give passengers bumpy and dusty ride. Sometimes, road visibility nears zero because of dark clouds of dust.

We hope you are already aware of the health risks posed by long exposure to dust. Respiratory diseases top the list, with different type of elegies finding an easy access in to your body.

For two wheelers, it’s hell. Our Govt. claims to have spent over 500 crore on maintenance of roads, but we don’t see any positive of positive development. The apple season is about to begin and the bypass road is likely to receive more damage due to trucks carrying apple harvest to the market.

Two bridges collapsed years ago, but the pace of work is slower than snail. Where did they spend public money  – for luxuries of MLAs and high rank Govt. officials? Why privileges of politicians and officials are a priority? Why they come before public? The Govt. is meant to serve, not to rule.

Again, the public is tolerating everything like loyal slaves. They are suffering because of their silence and it’ll continue unless we start asking our Govt. about what it has been doing with our money.

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