From the heart of a young Himachali poetess – “THE SONG OF HILLS” and “THE MELODY OF MOUNTAINS”

SHIMLA- Himachal is a heaven for poetic hearts searching for serenity in the lap of mountains. The charm of green hills, covered in evergreen deodar, snowcapped mountains, and scenic sunset beyond mountains, richness and versatility of cultural heritage can attract overwhelming admiration for Himachal Pradesh in any heart.

We have two poems, “THE SONG OF HILLS” and “THE MELODY OF MOUNTAINS”, from a young aspiring Himchali poetess, Himadri Sharma.



The Hills full of Ageless Charisma,
Defines the Heaven called Shimla
The Vintage Queen with a touch of Gold,
The Lovely Sunsets are a Beauty to behold!!
The Sky embodies myriad shades of fun,
Witnessing endless Hide and Seek of Sun
The Glittering Nights render a view so stunning,
The Snowhite keeps the Heartbeats racing!!

The Scent of Morning Mist,
The Winter foretells a tale with a twist
The Whispering Woods have a charm so unique,
Lights up every eye gazing at snow clad peaks!!
The Hills brim with human sentiment,
Shimla is an abode of Wonderment
The Mountains adorned with Angelic Grace,
The Queen of Hills lit with Nature’s Embrace!!

~ By Himadri Sharma


Mountains are a jewel of a kind,
Showers of Joy leave the soul entwined
Blissful memories strike the mind,
Myriad shades of beauty difficult to find,
Let the romance of snow and sun unwinds

The Hills ornate with snow so bright,
The Heaven gets alive in captivating sight
The soul tied in Hills intoxication,
Million eyes gazing in adoration
Nature unfolds charm feeding infatuation,
Heart beats aloud soaked in admiration
Mountains are a Gem beyond imagination!!

~By Himadri Sharma

About Himadri

Himadri Sharma is a poet by passion, a blogger, and some of her writings are published in the Femina and the Times of India. The magic of words has allured her since childhood. Creativity is her addiction and Writing her passion. She is presently pursuing her graduation from St. Bede’s College, Shimla

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