An old man in pursuit of his passion


SHIMLA– If you remember, last year, HW had published an article on a local artist,Mr. Virender Gautam, a retired govt. employee. We had also showcased some of his fine pieces of amusing paintings. He paints for he finds tremendous joy in doing so and not because he is some professional, looking for the sale of his works. He hasn’t received any professional training at all, yet he is a passionate painter.

This year, Mr. Gautam went a step ahead and decided to share his works with theart lovers and showcased his works at Gaiety Theater at Shimla Mall. HW had the opportunity to actually meet and have a conversation with the artist. His age has crossed 60 years, and it was only after his retirement a few years ago that he found time and peace to explore his suppressed creative artist.

The vividness of the themes in his work was impressive. His curiosity to let the people know the meaning behind paintings and his response to the appreciation was apparently like that of an innocent child, for whom art has nothing to do with being a professional.

He mentioned during the conversation that he was not in support of idea of putting the paintings on sale. He just wanted to share it with others and feed his motivation through their responses. Still, the paintings carried price tags. When he was asked about the prize tags, he told us about an advice his friend has given him and said,
“When I decided to put my paintings on exhibition, I had no plan or interest in selling my works. I just wanted to share them with the art lovers. However, one of my friends advised me not to give any of my works for free to anyone. He added that charge least, let it be Rs. 250 or 50, but do charge them so that it always reminds them of the value of the artistic gift I have.”


He was more than happy with the praise he received from the viewers, but sale of his many works added to his motivation to dive deeper into the world of colors.

Now, he is planning to come out with an exhibition again after couple of years. If you missed the exhibition, then here are a few glimpses below:

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