Kullu Bus Accident: How excessive corruption in HPPWD & HP Govt. facilitated avoidable tragedy

The government enjoys luxuries with public money that is supposed to be spent on roadside safety measures, maintenance of roads including many other amenities and basic facilities that the government had promised to the public. Their VVIP luxuries are costing precious lives, and this accident is one example of it. The government has plenty of money for their luxuries, but none for the public.

KULLU – Bodies cut in half, decapitated, ground drenched in blood and painful screams of Kullu bus accident survivors presented a horrifying scene at the Parvati riverbank near Bhuntar. After overnight rescue operation, only eight bodies could be recovered from the river while 21- 23 others were washed away and are still missing.

The bus was overloaded so the driver and conductor aren’t sure about the exact number of passengers. About 22 survivors were rescued. Two of the dead bodies were recovered from near Jhiri and Gadasa banks yesterday. One was recovered today.

People reported to have seen floating dead bodies around Bhuntar and Bajaura.


The rescue teams are waiting to recover other 22 bodies from the ‘Largi Dam’. However, they aren’t sure about it because the gates of Pandoh dam were opened to release excess water in monsoon. The bodies might float towards Mandi district into Beas tributaries. However, the gates of the Pandoh dam were closed following the accident.


Some of injured were in critical condition and referred to PGI Chandigarh and others were admitted to Kullu hospital. Further details on casualties are still awaited as 600 personal including homegaurd, SSB,ITPB and police carries out rescue operation.

Kullu deputy commissioner Rakesh Kanwar said,

The bus is still untraceable. Most of the bodies might be still stuck in the bus or washed away.


As usual, the Governor, the chief minister, and other politicians are expressing grief over the tragedy like they mean it.

The authorities are also trying to put the blame on the driver and conductor. Expect some ridiculous theory along with usual assurances from government soon.

Helpline Number

District administration has set up three helplines: 0190 2222727, 09418067223 and 9418015754.

Role of HPPWD and HP Government in the tragedy

According to Divya Himachal, Barshaini Zilla Parish member, Om Prakash, told that 10 proposals for widening, maintenance, and placement for steel crash barriers, or at least, parapets at this sliding point, were passed and submitted to HPPWD. No surprise, the department as well as the government were busy in finding ways to devour public money.

This is the outcome of excessive corruption prevailing in each and every department of Himachal Pradesh government – 31 people washed away and remaining others are fighting for their lives at hospitals.

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Divya Himachal also reported that the daily had warned the HPPWD and the government regarding the dangerous patch of road that was gradually sinking from sides. Due to soil erosion on edges, the road has become very narrow. The news regarding the same was published in the daily, but it failed to appeal to the authorities or were ignored as usual.

Manikaran bus accident

Amar Ujala also reported same factors responsible for the accident. It said loss of so many lives could have been averted easily if there were parapets or crash barriers on roadside.

Kullu bus accident

Moreover, the bus was longer than the road could accommodate, it was overloaded, and the condition of the road is very poor. The daily also reported that similar accidents were reported in the past on the same route, still neither MLAs nor HPPWD ever bothered to fix it.


The accident again raised question on the efficiency of traffic police to ensure check on overloading.

The 52-seater tourist bus (PB-19H-3085) was on way its way to the Sikh shrine of Manikaran from Barnala in Punjab, and was carrying about 61-63 passengers. The bus was crossing this very patch when one of its tyres skidd off the edge due to shortage of space and bus plunged into River Parvati, a tributary of Beas that is in spate due to heavy monsoon rains.

The furious Beas rarely spared anyone or anything that ever came in spate of its lashing currents.

In Himachal, it’s a very common phenomenon – people dying in bus accidents. Government’s complete failure in ensuring roadside safety measures is responsible for the loss of hundreds of lives in majority of such accident.

Even the capital city Shimla doesn’t have proper measures like crash barriers or parapets. So, the condition in rest of the state is quite predictable. Moreover, people forget about accidents, no matter how deadly they are.

The silence of public is surprising. No matters how many lives are lost, but people are satisfied with empty assurances served by authorities. Well, carry on. The government enjoys luxuries with public money that was supposed to be spent on roadside safety measures, many other amenities and basic facilities it had promised to the public.

Their luxuries are costing precious lives, and this accident is one example of it. The government has plenty of money for their luxuries, but none for the public.

List of the injured
(1) Gurvinder Kaur, 25, from Barnala
(2) Manpreet Kaur, 5, Barnala
(3) Dilkaur, 3
(4) Kewal Singh, 38, Bathinda
(5) Sandeep Kaur, 22, Bathinda
(6) Raj Kumar, 45, conductor
(7) Paramjeet Kaur, 45, Barnala
(8) Tejender Pal Singh, 21, Barnala
(9) Driver Surjeet Singh, 35, Barnala
(10) Gurmeet Singh, 25, Mansa
(11) Sukhdev Singh, 30, Talwandi Sabo
(12) Harjeet Singh, 24, Mansa
(13) Balwandir Singh, 32, Barnala
(14) Balwinder Singh, 23, Barnala
(15) Surender Kaur, 51, Raigarh
(16) Gurdeep Kaur, 28, Barnala
(17) Gurvinder, 9, Barnala
(18) Gurnam Kaur, 65, Bathinda
(19) Harbajan Singh, 55, Barnala
(20) Nika, 30, Rajgarh
(21) Aman Deep, 18, Bathinda
(22) Nikka Singh, 25, Jogga
(23) Jagdeep Singh, 19, Mansa

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