Miraculously quick response of Govt. to a public grievance

SHIMLA- Yesterday, an HW reader posted a couple of pictures showing damaged footpath inside Old ISBT Shimla Tunnel, where the complainer claimed “Last evening, my aunt, a senior citizen, stumbled into the drain while walking on the footpath inside Shimla’s Old ISBT tunnel.”

Read Complete Text: Shimla’s Old ISBT tunnel not safe for pedestrians

We were surprised to see that at evening the repair work was in progress. We are posting some pictures from the spot as the repair going on. We hope, it’ll be fixed completely in a couple of days.

However, the drains on the both sides of the road inside the tunnel are uncovered and are mostly filled with accumulated waste water, sewage and garbage. That’s in the middle of the city. We don’t think that this trouble will be attended presently.


That’s because the officials and politicians sitting on official chair are vision-less to such an extent that they can’t even get Shimla city a proper drainage system. So, it’ll be ridiculous to expect them to attend to these issues themselves.

Anyway, we would like to thank the reader, who is also a responsible and active member of the society, for taking the pain to post a complaint with HW. This action of his/her will benefit thousands of citizens who daily use this footpath.

We expect our readers and members to speak for rest of people around them. A little pain to report such public grievance is something that can be done on the go as you come across them. All you have to do is to click a couple of photos with any kind of mobile camera you got with you and post them in HW’s UrNews section that is dedicated to reader submissions or mail it on editor[at]himachalwatcher.com.

We are really sorry for those who think it’s a waste time to take this much pain to highlight such issues. No nation or society can improve and develop without the contribution of the people, and here, such people are rare.

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