Baksho collapses on racing track, experiences severe pain in stomach

SHIMLA- After receiving abundant appreciation for her achievement, Baksho Devi again came out on racing track to participate in district level tournament in Dharamshala. However, she could not complete the race and collapsed after third round and experienced severe pain in her stomach. Unfortunately, no emergency medical help or ambulance was available at the tournament.

Her mother informed the officials that doctors had diagnosed stone in her gallbladder and she has been experiencing such pain earlier too.

Watch: Baksho collapses on racing track

Baskho Devi, a 15-year-old fatherless and poverty stricken girl from Ispur Village of district Una, Himachal Pradesh, went viral on social media after she won a gold medal in a 5,000-meter race at a district level tournament despite running barefoot in freezing temperature.

Baksho talks to media

Thereafter, she was shortlisted by the youth and sports department to participate in the State-level athletics meet.

The youngest among the four sisters, Baksho had participated in the race for the first time and had won it despite a severe gallstone pain at the last minute, reported Amar Ujala. Her widowed mother Bimla Devi is a laborer and she could afford neither the proper outfit nor running shoes for the budding athlete. The girl ran in her school uniform.

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After this Himachal girl, went viral on social media, the news was picked by national media. A number of organizations, institutes, and individuals including Amar Ujala Foundation have provided financial help and some others have offered paying for her treatment.Presently, as per reports, she is going through medical tests after which she will receive appropriate treatment. The government has also assured that required assistance will be provided to Baksho for her treatment.

Baksho represents thousands of other poor children studying in government schools, deprived of facilities that discourages Himachal’s young talent in various fields including sports. It was Baksho’s luck that a reporter from Hind daily brought her condition to the notice of public and government. The government and organizations should also consider extending similar help to other such deprived students who are not lucky enough to appear in newspapers and social media.

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