Shaken by NGT and green activists for rising vehicular emission, HPSPCB finally wakes up

For over past four years, HW has been regularly trying to create awareness among public regarding rapid rise in air pollution in Himachal along with writing to Transport Minister GS Bali, Pollution Control Board of Himachal Pradesh and Shimla Police to put checks on vehicles with high emissions.

SHIMLA-: After finding out that vehicular emission has become a major source of rising air pollution in Himachal Pradesh, State Pollution Control Board has directed regional transport officers to comply with vehicular emission and noise standards as notified by Union ministry of environment & forest in all vehicles registered in the state.

National Green Tribunal has also passed several directions to control air and noise pollution through various litigations filed in the tribunal. Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (HPSPCB) is regularly monitoring the ambient air quality in the state at 22 locations along with noise monitoring at regular intervals.

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HPSPCB chairman Kuldeep Singh Pathania has also written to additional chief secretary (transport) to personally look into the matter and take necessary action in order to control air and noise pollution being caused due to vehicular activities in the state.

Seeing air monitoring results, it appears that vehicular emission is also the major source of rising air pollution in the state. For non-compliance of these directions, the chairman HPSPCB shall be constrained to take action under Environment Protection Act, 1986,

said the notification issued by HPSPCB.

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Regional transport officers were also directed to ban and prohibit the manufacture and usage of pressure horns or multi-toned horns in vehicles. T

he action taken report in this regard is still awaited despite several reminders issued to them,

it added.

On the issue of water pollution, Pathania has also written to additional chief secretary (IPH) to take necessary action to control deteriorating water quality of rivers due to discharge of untreated sewage from towns and cities and to ensure that only treated sewage effluent meeting the prescribed standards is discharged to the river streams.

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Pathania said state pollution control board is regularly monitoring the water quality of major rivers and nallas in the state at 235 different locations. He said from monitoring results, it is apparent that the major source of water pollution in the nallas and rivers passing through major towns and cities is mainly due to presence of total coliforms and faecal coliforms which clearly indicate the discharge of untreated sewage from towns and cities to these water bodies.

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