Hamirpur private bus operator gundagardi

Gundgardi of local bus operators in Hamirpur city harassing people

Recently, Himachal Watcher had posted a case of harassment and misbehave with an elderly lady by a private bus operator in Shimla. However, HP Police and the Transport Minister seem to have chosen to ignore the complaint, as it happens in majority of public grievance cases.

Now, a resident of Hamirpur wrote to us his grievance, about gundagardi of local bus operators in Hamirpur city, who have crossed limits in threatening and abusing passengers. Here is a firsthand account of a local college going teenager:

I am not glad to post this issue, but compelled doing so under the extreme mental harassment I go through often. I experience helplessness as I am just another collage going teenager, who can’t afford to get in quarrels and police cases.

I was coming home from my collage today in a private bus. The conductor started yelling at me when I told him that I need to travel just 5 kms. He asked me to get up from the seat and threatened me to otherwise throw me out midway.I refused to get up because I was very sick and had fever. I was exhausted. He along with the driver abused me a lot and kept on threatening me that they will drop me far away from my house. They used really vulgar words to abuse me.

These private bus operators think that they can do anything and harass anyone just because we travel in their buses. They aren’t doing any favor to us. We pay for the ticket but still they do not allow any local passengers who need to travel within 1-5 kms radius except those who are known to them.

I am going through this torture almost everyday. Today I couldn’t take this torture and gave them a piece of my mind.

They have threatened me that they will be after me. Now I am forced to live in constant fear haunting my mental peace that they might come to fight me, which I really hate to do.

Is this what we call a free country that in which government claims maintenance of law and order to safeguard interests of the citizens? Is it so easy for random men to threaten and harass people even when they are wrong?

I request the RTO Hamirpur to take some action against such people if he comes across this post. This matter has now become intolerable.

Safety and convenience of people in public transport including private buses comes prior to profit. Such complaints are increasing and people are now literally go through mental harassment while dealing with such goons.

It’s our appeal to the Hamirpur Police, the Transport Minister GS Bali, and RTO Hamirpur to look into the matter and pass strict direction to private bus operators against harassing local passengers.

Note: The identity of the complainant not disclosed on request
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