Unsafe, poorly placed hoardings in Shimla city causing trouble to public

SHIMLA- The assessment of HP government’s commitment to serve public, heights of insensitivity and carelessness is self-evident from ongoing jaundice outbreak in Shimla, Solan, and Sirmaur. So, this issue might sound trivial to most of people. Still, we find it worth highlighting.

While walking on a footpath in Sanjuali, Shimla, pedestrians are pushed away from the retaining walls by protruding metal wires, rods, and nails. Such edgy carelessness poses risk to pedestrians, especially children. The advertisers are not following mandatory directions regarding minimum height from ground (ground clearance) and distance from streets/footpaths.


The boards are very low and tools used for fixation almost touches shoulder of people who use the footpath. The protruding wires and nails can tear cloths and even cause serious damage to face, head, and eyes if anyone fails to notice them.


The matter was brought to Himachal Watcher’s attention by a resident of Sanjauli, who got a cut on his jacket near his waist due to one of the protruding nail stuck in wall to support hoardings. Now, imagine children walking on that footpath, who are more vulnerable to serious physical injury due to their lower height.


Outdoor advertisement policy is sources of revenue for Municipal Corporations in cities. Shimla Municipal Corporation permit advertisers fix, exhibit, place, or hang advertisement billboards/hoardings throughout the city, but has forgot to keep in mind most of the safety directions and directions related to creating balance between aesthetics of the city and management of visual distraction caused by cluttered and inappropriate placement of hoardings.

Visual distraction to drivers due to advertisement clutter and placement of excess hoardings/billboards is globally debated. In Beijing, the government has removed all advertisements from the core city area to improve aesthetic appeal as well as preventing the place from becoming another ‘Times Square’. Supreme Court of India had also taken up the issue of visual noise and distraction on a petition filed by Delhi MC.

Therefore, its better that SMC also pay attention to the situation before it worsens.

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