Shimla City roads again full of potholes, covered in dust, road edges completely eroded

SHIMLA- Resident of Shimla City has been writing to HW, expressing their unrest about potholes and dug up roadsides. Vehicular emission is already out of control, and on the top of that, over construction and pathetic condition of roads are causing rise of excessive dust on city roads.


For example, consider the small stretch (300-400 meters) on Shimla bypass, between Vikasnagar and CID office in Kasumpti.


The road was tarred about five months ago, but now again it’s full of potholes. There is no quality check after contractors finishe tarring or patching work. Government keep opening tenders and waste public money on repeated poor quality tarring and patch work instead of concentrating on the root cause – quality of material and job done. Every year, same scene is repeated, but no one complains.


Is there any possibility ever that public will see good roads, footpaths, drains and proper pavements in Himachal?


The State of Himachal Pradesh is under debt because of loans taken from various international banks for the development of infrastructure. Everyone is aware about the lack of parking spaces and poor condition of roads. So, where did this money disappear? Is there any limit to apathy of our government toward the state and its people?


Administration has no clue about methods to control dust that is increasing day by day. For pedestrians and two-wheel riders are hit most. Children are most vulnerable to respiratory problems caused by emissions and dust along with skin related problems, especially allergies.


Considering the fact that dust is one of the major component of air pollution, Delhi government has set Rs 100 crore aside for the “Comprehensive Maintenance of Roads” scheme which includes vacuum cleaning of roads, routine washing and cleaning of street furniture and signages and collection of debris through mechanical sweepers.


However, administration in Himachal seems to have no vision or even clue about the rising problem.


As we have mentioned it earlier, this suffering is less visible in luxury AC cars. Moreover, politicians, ministers, VIP high rank officials, and government department are not concerned about these issues, at all. In disguise of public service, rampant fruits of corruption and perks of power being enjoyed for decades.

Dear HP Govt., is there any possibility of rectification in your highly condemnable attitude toward your foremost duty, that you vow to perform once in every five years, right before the polling dates – public service and development?


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