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‘Awesome Kids Shimla’ Holi celebrations with kids (Pics)

SHIMLA- Most adorable celebrations of Holi are those of children. Owing to natural tendency to get attracted to inherent joy of life, which is visible in its purest form during early childhood, kids are attracted to colors and playfulness, like fireflies .

Awesome Kids, a pre-school and day care centre in Panthaghati, Shimla, shared with us some pictures of its Holi celebration with little angels.

shimla holi celebrations

What else to expect from pre-school kids? We had no reason to not share these pictures, which are nothing else but cute smiles and tiny hands holding ‘pichkaris’.

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The pictures go with school’s tagline “Colors of Childhood”.

From these pictures, we noticed an admirable feature, the foremost requirement for a playschool- a safe, clean and green, and open space to play. The queen of hills does have this disadvantage – lack of sufficient space for playgrounds.

awesome kids shimla 5

Majority of schools have managed to cut small portion of hills to provide small grounds, and that is, too, for formality sake. Most of the pre-schools running in Shimla are confined to compact rooms with usual toys.

children playing holi

But the Awesome Kids Shimla has a wonderful vast view of horizons over the layers of mountains and garden where kids can communicate with nature.

Best pre-school in shimla

It reminds us of a few lines that OSHO, a great, enlightened philosopher, used to say,

If you want to grow roses into your garden, forget about the roses and think about the rose bush: the roses are destined to come at the right time.

Other than a need for working parents, nowadays pre-schools are both trend and a booming business. The kids in cities are more commonly to come across this stage of their long journey into the academic world. So, parents and pre-schools must understand the very essence of this message. .

awesome kids shimla 4

This pre-school in Shimla city has almost everything that a modern and sophisticated pre-school in larger Indian cities offer – CCTV camera surveillance of every corner of school premises, clean & hygienic rooms, water-filters, open and colorful rooms with lot of space for movement, modern toys, computer assisted learning programs, trained and caring staff, and scientific approach for stimulating growth with learning techniques.

awesome kids shimla 2

This goes with an effective approach that stresses:

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

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