Shimla SDA Complex staff deserves a round of applause for littering and incinerating garbage in open

SHIMLA- A resident of Devnagar in Shimla sent us some pictures depicting disappointing and highly condemnable practice being followed by the staff of nearby offices at SDA Complex, Kasumpti (Block 38 Near CID Office).

Dev Nagar Vikasnagar

The offices dump all their office-waste including plastic packaging, bottles, disposables, discarded tube-lights, construction waste/debris, and surrounding area is covered with “Bitchoo Booti” shrubs. On the top of that, they incinerate it openly, which an offense as its very lethal for environment.


Inside offices, the administration has pasted messages appealing people to maintain cleanliness in Shimla. These images clearly depict the level of awareness and hypocrisy toward cleanliness and littering among highly educated (as they claim) people sitting on responsible seats in the government departments. We doubt that they have failed the purpose of education.

Garbage in Shimla

Similar situation prevails around entire SDA Complex. For example, the Software Technology Park of India (Block 24). What SMC workers did after HW had posted a complaint was even more absurd. The workers simply set the piles of garbage on fire.

Watch : Ridiculous Action of SMC on our Previous Complaint

Littering and improper disposal of waste is on rise in urban Shimla, which is also struggling with unchecked, rising air pollution due to vehicular emission and blatant burning of various kind of waste by Shimla Municipal Corporation and residents. It’s 2016 and our government has miserably failed to run even a single solid waste treatment plant in the capital city. There are only announcement from SMC about re-opening of the non-operational plant at Bhariyaal.

cid office shimla

The Mayor had alleged that government’s lethargic attitude is causing delay in commissioning of the plant. There is a great possibility that ideological and political rivalry are at work here. The situation has only created ugly scenes in Shimla. The administration hasn’t provided dustbins even at crowded bus stops, and even if they have, then the public still do not show any sign of co-operation and use them.

cid office

No society ever witnessed changes and reforms without participation of its people. The elected representatives don’t have much to do with betterment of the state. Their vision is limited to their chair and perks of power and luxuries they obtain from taxpayer’s money.

We literally wonder whether present old-generation of politicians stands any chance of ever contemplating why they were actually elected by their people. Is there any chance that attitude of government officials and sloth like bureaucracy will ever change? It’s clear sign that we need better people in our assembly.

It’s our kind request to the people to understand their individual responsibility, and we would also like to remind them that there is a section of Indian Constitution that deals with principal duties of an ideal citizen of a democratic state. Please, take time to go through them.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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