Demand for footpaths in shimla city

Shimla city needs footpaths as roads becoming less pedestrian-friendly

The bus stoppage and the road leading to SDA Complex, Shimla near Vikasnagar are the best examples to demonstrate the need of footpaths.

Shimla: The roads of Shimla city are now too congested to accommodate both pedestrians and vehicles. The number of vehicles on roads increased gradually with which came traffic chaos and insufficient space for parking.

Despite public hue and cry over poor traffic management, the situation is only getting uglier. The roads were widened at some points and foundation stones were laid for construction of over-head bridges, but most of the city roads still remain congested.

On the top of it, poor road and parking sense is adding to the problem.

Shimla footpaths

The bus stoppage and the road leading to SDA Complex, Shimla near Vikasnagar are the best examples to demonstrate the need of footpaths. This link road to Kasumpti via the SDA complex is one of the busiest in Shimla city. Thousands of office going people and other pedestrians use this road daily.

unsafe shimla roads

The edge of this link road is not properly protected through safety railing at some points.

However, now people find it hard to walk on it due to high movement of vehicles.

SDA Complex Footpath

Along with pedestrians, the drivers find it highly inconvenient to drive on this road. People are often forced to stop and let vehicles pass first.

During morning and evening, the road can’t accommodate both pedestrians and vehicles,

said an employee posted at a government office in the complex.

Shimla bus stoppages

The stretch of bypass road between the Vikasnagar bus stoppage and the Saraswati Vidya Mandir School becomes highly risky for hundreds of children who share this congested road with traffic during morning and afternoon daily.

Definitely, this stretch needs a footpath. I don’t know why authorities are ignoring such a huge inconvenience when it can be easily fixed

, said another employee.

Not just the pedestrians, but lack of sufficient parking space has also become a serious trouble at the SDA Complex. With a large number of government offices housed in the complex, the number of government and personal vehicles has increased drastically, but the administration doesn’t have any clue how to fix it.

My vehicle was challaned twice for roadside parking but vehicles of the officers enjoy an exception for the police. It doesn’t matter even if they park their vehicles in the middle of the road,

said a shopkeeper.

The complex and the road leading to it have become a complete mess and the inconvenience is growing day by day. Some of the people, who were mostly government employees, suggested the vehicular traffic should be completely restricted at least for 30 minutes during busy morning and evening hours so that pedestrians don’t suffer.

Another road that needs an extended footpath is the one leading to Boileauganj from MLA crossing bus stoppage.  

The urbanization of Shimla occurred in a haphazard manner and the policy makers couldn’t keep up with the rate of growing population and number of vehicles in the city. It is a matter worth mourning that except core areas, the roads of Shimla are becoming less pedestrian friendly.


All Photos: Himachal Watcher

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