One reason why Shimla can’t become a Smart City (Video)

SHIMLA- On Friday, a resident of Kasumpti recorded sanitation workers of Shimla Municipal Corporation setting garbage on fire in SDA Complex. At about 9:00 AM, the workers set fire to waste. The resident could not identify the components. However, the flames and thick, dark smoke and high flammability suggest presence of plastic and other materials used in banners or posters. The burnt waste continued to smolder for next half an hour and filled surrounding offices and residential buildings with smoke.


Surprisingly, this highly condemnable act took place right in front of the Directorate of Language & Culture, Himachal Pradesh. The complex houses various directorates of government departments where highly educated IAS and HAS officials are posted. Despite that this  malpractice is regular and the entire SDA complex is badly littered. The offices are often scene setting stationary and other waste on fire. 

Public must worry about the future of the state as such highly-educated but 100 percent ignorant people are occupying responsible seats in government offices with fat salaries.

It’s a matter of shame for the corporation that garbage burning in open, which is prohibited by law, is being carried out by its own workers. Himachal Watcher had been writing on the issue of wide-spread garbage burning in Shimla for, at least, last three years. The issue was brought to the attention of SMC several times with requests to monitor its workers and create awareness among people.

This ecologically harmful malpractice of setting garbage/waste on fire is still prevalent in 2017 in capital of the hill state. Sanitation workers are very frequently and openly seen burning garbage instead of collecting and transporting it to its proper place. That because, the city does not have a proper place. 

There are literally no words in which the slumber of our bureaucracy in responsible departments likes MC and Pollution Control Board could be described. How come we are not able to realize the hazards of air pollution despite witnessing horrible situation that haunts national capital and India’s Silicon Valley?

This is just one reason why Shimla can’t become a Smart City.

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