Daily harassment for Shimla city car owners, inadequate parking complexes barely helping

It is an apt example of incapability of present government, policy makers and high-rank administrative officials to manage administration efficiently.

SHIMLA- The capital city Shimla and its people who own cars are bearing consequences of the sins of Himachal Pradesh Government and district administration and are being mentally tortured by working of Shimla Police.

Shimla Traffic Police and Municipal Corporation of Shimla have jumped to a whole new level of absurdness regarding parking rules. Shimla Police is blindly slapping challans for parking vehicles anywhere other than the parking lots, but it forget to count that fact that the available parking complexes are not sufficient to accommodate all vehicles. There is still need of yellow lines and feasible roadside parking spaces. Residents of Sanjauli writes that the newly built parking complex at Sanjauli has a capacity of about 350 vehicles, but the number of private cars owned by residents is about 1,000.

Shimla Parking vows

The residents had urged the administration to continue yellow parking facility between Sanjauli and Gas Godown as the parking lot fell short of space to accommodate all vehicles.

A grieved resident of Sanjauli wrote to HW saying,

In Sanjauli administration and police have closed even one side parking to pass benefit to the newly constructed parking complex owner, and has left people helpless. Administration has put approximately over 700 vehicles out of these one side road parking, and newly constructed parking has the capacity of only 350+ vehicles (with rs 2850/- p.m). Now people who don’t find parking space in the parking lot are being challaned and vehicles are being towed to police cranes. Isn’t this failure of administration to provide adequate parking space on nominal rates questionable?

Similarly, administration is tapping its own back by building a small parking lot at Chotta-Shimla with space only for 250 vehicles. Soon after the Rs 24 crore Sanjuali and Rs 20 crore Chotta Shimla parking complexes were inaugurated, yellow lines were removed without considering the fact that the number of vehicles is way higher.

I barely find space for parking when I return from office. Due to fear of challan, I park my car about 3 kilometers away from main Sanjuali area, but I still got challane even when there is no sign board warning of no parking zone. Where am I supposed to find space when parking complex is already packed ,

said a resident of Sanjauli.

Another similar case of harassment by police was reported by a resident of Chotta-Shimla

In Chotta Shimla, Yellow lines have been removed even at places where parking can be allowed. Vehicles are blindly challaned by police to use the parking complex only,

he said.

The complaint from Sanjauli further added,

Recently, MC Shimla and some politician proposed to impose charges on yellow line. Now the question arise that people have paid road tax for 15 years than why should they bear charges for such road side parkings without any safety. We are living in Shimla which is a hilly city unlike Delhi or Chandigarh where vehicles have parking in front of the house. These cities have planned system. But in Shimla situation is totally different. We have limited roads, limited parking facilities, limited sources and its upto administration to provide parking facility. From encouraging people to car pool, the administration can one also adopt one-way concept, fly over concept, opening restricted/ sealed roads (only for residents) and by improving public transportation system and will definitely take off some burden from Simla roads.

He is not the only one who is feeling harassed and fooled by administration. We have received the same complaint from other residents too.

I am a resident of Chotta Shimla. I want to raise an issue of undue pressure being put on the residents in regard to parking near Strawberry Hill. Please help. We have been parking our cars there for donkey years. Now suddenly the police have started challan all the cars. There is no disturbance to the traffic at all because this road is not connected to any main artery. The people are forced to use newly built parking to benefit the parking owner. But the parking lot is not sufficient to serve all car owners in the area,

wrote another resident of Chotta Shimla.

These complexes including some other proposed complexes at Dhalli, IGMC Shimla, Tutikandi would be built and operate, own and transfer (BOOT) basis on Public Private partnership (PPP) mode.

Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma had promised the public that till all the parking got completed there would be parking markings along the roads. However, it appears the police department and Mr. Minister are working ignorantly without coordinating. This is an apt example of incapability of present government, policy makers and high-rank administrative officials to manage administration efficiently. Moreover, there is no need to mention that during the tenure of current SP, Mr. DW Negi, working of police has been highly questionable. So presently police harassment is real thing in Shimla.

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