Monkey killing himachal

Monkey Culling in Himachal: No scientific method, Anyone can kill and claim Rs 300 incentive on each kill

SHIMLA- Himachal Pradesh is on its way to set example how to fuel man-animal conflict by ruining animal habitat, litter all around to attract these animals to cities, and engulf funds allotted for population control through scientific methods like sterilization. After receiving nod from ministry to cull monkeys, the government has allowed everyone to kill, no matter how.

The Forest Department would provide an incentive of Rs. 300 on killing of each monkey in Shimla City and those areas outside the forests in 38 tehsils where monkeys have been declared as vermin, informed Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri. Instead of capturing and using scientific method to give these animals, at least, peaceful climax, everyone is invited to kill them and claim incentive for it. There is no word on guidelines; one can poison them, stab them, beat to death or anything that pleases an individual.

A committee consisting of Divisional Forest Officer, Assistant Conservator of Forest and Range Forest Officer will determine and authenticate the claims for disbursement of incentives, the forest minister informed further.

The issue of increasing monkey population in Himachal, their invasion into cities, and damage to agrarian section remained topic of debate for over a decade. However, administration allowed the situation to grow grimmer. Ultimately, when public unrest burst out, the government demanded vermin status for monkeys, which it was granted by the ministry.   

Financial loss to farmers due to destruction of their crops by animals can’t be ignored. It is a grieve issue, but the government must also consider the fact that every animal have right to life, and that culling should be last resort. Animals aren’t fault here for they never act with evil intentions like humankind. It is a shame to solve man-animal conflict in such brute way when there were chances of controlling their population through other methods.


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