Miscreants beat mentally ill man in Shimla, Police and District Admin allegedly denied rescue

SHIMLA- A disturbing incident was reported by a Shimla-based NGO on Friday. As per the details provided by the NGO, a mentally ill man was seen being beaten by a bunch of anti-social, mischievous elements near Theog in capital Shimla. However, the local police and district administration allegedly denied rescue to people who reported the incident.

Reportedly, 4 kms from Chaila near Maori Curve, some locals saw the man lying on ground helpless while he was being beaten. These eyewitnesses informed the police and the district administration about the scene. However, as per the NGO, none of them took responsibility and washed their hands of saying “ Ye koi mamala nai banata” (इसमें कोई मामला ही नहीं बनता।).

The locals then informed a Shimla-based NGO regarding the same, said Ajay Shrivastva, Chairman of the organization. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) was approached by the NGO phonically and was made aware of legal provision and duty of the district administration to take care of people suffering from any type of mental illness, if found roaming in their area. The SDM was also made aware of his official duty to take such people in custody and provide psychiatric help. Thereafter, the SDM assured that the local police station will be informed and asked to rescue the man.

However, the SDM didn’t update the status of progress in the matter. It is not known whether the man was actually rescued or not. The culprits also remain unidentified.

It’s noticeable that how district administration tries to evade its official duty by misguiding common people, who actually bother to report such cases. A mentally disable or a person suffering from some sort of mental disorder can endanger own life as well as that of others around him. This isn’t the first case. In most of the cases, the district administration prefers to ignore them.

Apparently, such insensitive act by district administration of Shimla and local police requires intervention of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh. The administration must be reminded of its duty to protect the rights of destitute, mentally ill and mentally disable people in the district.

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