Snowfall in March surprises Shimla – In Pictures

SHIMLA- Higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh continue to receive snowfall for past few days. But snowfall has come as a surprise for the Shimla town as it had hardly expected such good spell of snow in March. It was a golden chance for visitors who had missed the earlier snowfall (or which was spoiled by week-long blackout). As per the HP Meteorological department, on Friday, Shimla received 26 centimeters of snow. The upper regions were already cut off by this time. The snowfall continued on Saturday too. As per the HP Met, there is a possibility of more rain and snow in coming week. The minimum and maximum temperatures were recorded to be around 0.3 in Shimla while for regions like Keylong, it dropped below minus three degrees. The sun kept playing hide & seeks entire Saturday. The end result was chilling cold.


The snowfall in Shimla cheered the tourists, who were literally dancing on Punjabi dhol as seen in video. On Friday and Saturday, the capital witnessed rise in tourist influx. For locals, it was more a matter of headache as flow of traffic was disrupted. Also, power failure also haunted several localities with snowfall. Another surprise awaited tourists when by evening all the white cover over land, trees, and roofs disappeared as sun shined for a while. Himachal Watcher Community Member Tarun Sharma captured some pictures of this surprise snowfall in March that we are sharing with our readers.  


All Photos Copyright: Tarun Sharma/HW

Snowflakes started early morning on Friday and formed a thin layer on everything under open sky. However, roads were still clear.

Shimla-US-Club-RoadEven footprints on snow appeared to be charming.

'Macchi-Wali-Kothi-ShimlaLittle later in afternoon, this layer grew thicker as it snowed more like it does in proper winter period.

US-Club-ShimlaThe imprints of tyres on fresh layer of snow appeared like work of art drawn on a white paper.

Shimla-Snowfall-ViewShimla Ridge presented a cheerful view of visible landscapes and tree-cover on Jakhu hill


Famous Shali Tibba in Shimla


Locals carried on their business or were seen walking under showers of snowflakes or chatting while standing in group under umbrellas, wearing jackets and warm coats.


All Photos Copyright: Tarun Sharma/HW

The Auckland House School building looksed charming with snow-capped Shali Tibba, a popular temple, as a backdrop.

Landscape-from-Shimla-Lakkar-BazarAn amusing contrast was also visible between urban Shimla and other areas in its vicinity that didn’t receive snow.


Shimla-School-Students-Playing-HoliThen, there were group of kids, who were celebrating Holi in advance due to three consecutive holidays from Saturday onward.


All Photos Copyright: Tarun Sharma/HW

The school-children made full of it as holiday was declared considering consistent snowfall for hours.


No need to say, snow is always worth playing for kids.  

Tourism-in-ShimlaTourists also found themselves in this strange mixture of colors of Holi and snow. In fact, the colors were shining even brighter against white background.

Stray-Dogs-in-ShimlaDogs always enjoy snowfall. They love to play in it.

Shimla-Snowfall-March-2017As usual, some over-excited tourist took to dancing on a Pujabi dhol (Watch Video) to express their admiration for amusement offered by weather of Shimla.

HP-Electricity-StaffMeanwhile, Shimla town faced blackouts in some localities and staff of electricity department was seen working to fix it.

Selfie-Craze-in-ShimlaOf course, no one would be silly enough to miss selfies in snow.

Shimla-Snowfall-2017-The-RidgeHowever, by evening, the scene changed. The sun appeared from behind the clouds and the snow started to melt down.

Shimla-Snowfall-March-2017--The-RidgeWithin no time, the snow disappeared, leaving behind only water.

A few other honorable mentions


All Photos Copyright: Tarun Sharma/HW

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