Arrest in Kotkhai rape and murder case

Barbaric Kotkhai Case: Police confirms first arrest, says all culprits will be behind bars soon

SHIMLA- Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s IT Cell has come under fire for alleged blunder of uploading photos of four persons claiming them to be the detained suspects. The photos vent viral after they were allegedly uploaded from Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s official and verified Facebook Page.  These four people have approached police fearing threat to their life.

Photos of Kotkhai rape suspects

Meanwhile,  Himachal Pradesh Police is claiming a breakthrough as it made the first arrest in barbaric Kotkhai rape and murder of a Class X student. The naked body of the school girl was found dumped in Halaila woods.

The Inspector General, South Range, Zahur Zaidi has confirmed the report of the arrest, and has identified the man as Ashish Chauhan aka Ashu, a resident of Sharaal Village, Mahasu in Kotkhai. He is said to be the caretaker of apple orchard that belong to an influential grower. However, other reports suggest he is an engineering student. It’s being said that the arrested man has confessed his crime.

The arrested accused will be produced in Theog Court by today afternoon where police will request remand for further investigation. With this arrest, police is claiming that more arrests could be made very soon.

According to media reports, police has identified the house where the barbaric crime was committed, and the car in which her body was carried to be dumped in woods. One of the reports said police has recovered one of the socks that the girl was wearing on the day she was allegedly kidnapped from Ashish’s house.

Police is also suggesting the possibility that the girl possibly knew this man, and might have walked to the house where she was raped and murdered.

According to a report published on Indian Express, postmortem has confirmed that the girl was choked to death by strangling on July 4, the day she had gone missing. The report also revealed shown proof of broken limbs and deep injuries on her face and other body parts.

The suspects that were detained for questioning are said to be aged between 21 to 29 years, but the IG Zaidi refused to disclose their identity yet, said the report.

According to report published in Hindi Dailies, the forensic investigation has revealed that culprits had inserted sand into the private parts of the victim in an effort to erase evidences. The wounds and scars on her body suggest she had tried to fight the culprits or defend herself from physical tormenting.

All detained accused and the arrested person are from well to do families and are believed to be involved in drug abuse . The police haven’t ruled the possibility that some of these suspects were also carrying out drug paddling in the area.

Police claim that their investigation and detainment of suspects were based on their call details of July 4. By tracking location of cellphones, police has reportedly tracked the house where the crime was allegedly executed.

Meanwhile, anger continue to rise among people, and they continue to organize candle march and stage protests demanding justice for the girl, who has been named Gudiya. Public is terrified after this barbaric case came into light, and safety of girls in Dev Bhoomi has come into question like in capital Delhi.

The current case is no less horrific than that of Delhi’s Nirbhaya case. Entire nation was stunned at the brutality with which a paramedic student was raped in moving bus and dumped on road in Delhi in 2012.

The case has also alarmed the public and the administration about rise in drug abuse and drug peddling. As per police, the culprits possibly committed this heinous crime in drugged state.

With the first arrest, it is expected that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to investigate the case would make more revelations about the culprits very soon, and put the accused behind bars.

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