Shimla Riots and protests over kotkhai

Kotkhai Case Protests: Mind the thin line between aggressive protest and rioting

Shimla – It’s can’t be a coincident that except the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and HP Police, not a single person including media is convinced that the investigation conducted by Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the case was fair.

The severity of crime has brought tears in the eyes of those who still carry a conscience.

There is an outrage in public, which is completely justified but the conscience of politicians remains buried under their enormous ambition to gain power.

In a time when a normal human with a conscience would stand without any party banner or association to seek justice for the schoolgirl, who was gang-raped and then brutally murdered, hardcore and skilled politicians are doing what they know best.

The natives of Himachal Pradesh, who were shaken by the horrifying Kotkhai incident, are demanding justice. Common men, women, and schoolchildren are protesting to restore law and order that has allegedly been hijacked by the police through the investigation of this case.

However, during Shimla Bandh and Riots in Kotkhai, politically patronised hooligans appeared to be leading the charge, ensuring violence. The gravity of the crime and the grief stuck family of the victim is an insignificant matter to these scavengers. Ahead of Assembly polls, such an opportunity to cash on public sentiments is being aptly exploited by some.

However, common people – the genuine protesters- should beware of these vultures. These hooligans are on a mission to spark violence wherever they find an angry mob. The politics have indeed crept into the protests, and hooligans are all prepared to set the State on fire.

After all, the protests have now become an amalgam of sentiments and shrewd politics.
Circumstances, indeed, require aggressive protest, but not necessarily rioting. The entire government machinery, including law enforcement agencies, is meant to serve the people of the State. We should strive to reclaim this machinery, and should not be pushing the situation toward chaos.

Fight to reclaim rule of truth, to reclaim the law-enforcement agencies. The agencies, which are not independent and not functioning the way they should.

The public should keep in mind that an aggressive protest isn’t about pelting-stones, hooting, and whistling. Unity among people is the greatest and most powerful weapon in times of such crisis.

So, all we need to do is to stand united and keep our eyes on the SIT of Central Bureau of Investigation that has arrived in Shimla.

These hooligans deserve pity for they are nothing but pawns. Same could be said about men in uniform who work under orders.

Moreover, this is not the last fight against the government. Corruption has settled in our society like a British colony. It’ll take another freedom fight to reclaim true freedom.

Photo: AFP

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