Caught on Video: HRTC bus rolls down gorge in Kullu, kills 4, several injured

Shimla -In yet another fatal accident, a bus of the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) rolled down a gorge near Khanag in Anni subdivision of the Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh today. Initial reports said about four people were killed and the death toll could rise.

Over 20 passengers were traveling in the bus. About seven passengers were reported to be injured, as per initial reports.

A bone chilling footage of the accident has gone viral on social media. The footage was recorded by a local and shows a vehicle rolling down the hill. The accident was to terrifying that bus was literally ripped apart in to several pieces. 

Watch Video Footage (at your own discretion)

The accident occurred on the morning of August 15 – the Independence Day. The injured were rushed to the Anni hospital after rescue worked begun.

Kullu bus accident video 3

While official confirmation regarding the loss of lives and cause of the accident are still awaited, some reports said the bus (HP-66-2553) was on its way from Kullu to Bagipul. The bus took a halt near a dhaba and both the driver and the conductor were out of the bus.

A report said someone other than the driver and conductor sat on the seat and touched the controls causing movement in the bus.

 Another unofficial report said the bus was parked near the dhaba and it moved by itself as it was neutral.

A Hindi daily said the driver had asked the passengers to get off the bus while crossing a congested nullah. The report said most of the passengers were out of the bus while some decided to stay in the bus.

These were only the initial details. The district administration and police is expected to through light on the actual facts by this evening.

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