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Untimely waste transportation troubles Sanjauli crowd in busy morning hours

Shimla: The Shimla Municipal Corporation is already struggling to manage the sanitation workers of the Shimla Heritage and Beautification Society (SHEB). The door-to-door garbage collection system is not working efficiently either. The residents have been complaining of irregularity in garbage collection.

In addition to that, the residents in some localities are complaining untimely, improper removal and transportation of the collected garbage. The residents complain that SMC’s sanitation workers do not follow any time table.

The sanitation workers are supposed to carry out sanitation work like sweeping the streets, pick up garbage from houses, and transport it to the waste treatment plant before people throng the roads in the morning.

However, the sanitation workers do not start loading and unloading of collected garbage before 9:00 AM.

The MC officials should visit the town between 8:00 – 9:00 AM to observe how its waste management arrangements are creating a mess for the crowd

, said a resident of Sanjauli.

The waste collected from the locality is piled up on roadsides. The SMC trucks and pickups usually start loading garbage during busy morning hours when there is maximum people and vehicles on roads, said another resident.

The MC vehicles often lead to traffic troubles as their time coincides with busy hours. The corporation should ensure this job is finished at least before 8:00 AM,

said Gaurav, a local. 

Residents of Sanjauli are also asking the Corporation to select the spot where sanitation workers collect the garbage for transportation more wisely.

Stinking heaps of garbage adjacent to crowded bus stop clearly shows poor civic sense.

Despite the high movement of government officials around Sanjauli Chowk, no one ever bothered to point out this loophole in waste management, said a resident.

How it feels when you are on your way to work place in the morning and such stinking scenes disturb your mental peace?

said the resident.

The residents are asking the Corporation to make changes in the time and space of loading/unloading the dustbins at Sanjauli. 

A resident also pointed out that the sanitation workers do not follow proper methods and tools while carrying out their job.

The sanitation workers work with bare hands and without masks, which is also a disturbing sight as it shows insensitivity of the Corporation towards these workers, further added the resident.


Top Image: Representational Photo/HW

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