Landslide prone shimla city zones

Landslide prone spots of Shimla city remain unattended

The spot shown in pictures is just a small example of such death traps. The pictures taken on ‘zoo road’ in Tutikandi locality speak for themselves.

Shimla: The District Administration and the Municipal Corporation of Shimla are not ready to learn anything from the recent incidents of landslides including the Kotrupi tragedy in Mandi district in which 46 people were buried alive on August 13, 2017.

The newly elected ward councilors are nowhere to be seen too.

Unscientific excavation or cutting of hills for haphazard construction in the urban Shimla has now begun to yield results as several spots in Shimla city have turned into small but active death traps.

The number of landslides witnessed a sharp rise this monsoon. A very recent landslide near the ‘Shiv Mandir’ on Mehali- Dhalli road on September 2, 2017, caused major damages to the public and private property.

At the Tutikandi bypass bus stoppage, the same spot has witnessed landslides twice, but still pubic is left on their own. No preventive measures were taken.

The spot shown in pictures is just a small example of such death traps. The pictures taken on ‘zoo road’ in Tutikandi locality speak for themselves. The utterly poor cutting was undertaken to facilitate construction. There is no scope of escaping as it is a narrow stretch.

Landslide prone shimla zones

Photo: Himachal Watcher

The issue was brought to Himachal Watcher’s attention by one of our reader and resident of the locality.

The complainant said the spot is in similar condition for a long time now, and occasionally small part of earth keep eroding and rolling down onto the road. The roots of the trees above it are exposed due to cutting. These trees could neither hold the soil, nor their own weight.

I use this road daily. Occasionally, small debris can be seen eroding. But a few months ago, a large part of earth had slipped down. The road was obstructed and the stretch was too muddy to cross it on feet,

said a resident of Tutikandi.

This link road, also known as the ‘zoo road’, is now a busy one. During the morning the road is crowded as people and children leave for their offices and schools respectively. Movement of vehicles is also high,

said a shopkeeper.

Landslide prone tutikandi shimla

Photo: Himachal Watcher

In case of a landslide, it can cause considerable damage to the residents or anyone who uses this road.

The road is mostly slippery these days as rain and mud make a lethal combination, but I have become habitual of it,

said a cab driver.

It is a matter worth wondering how come the ward councilor did not observe this situation ever.

Landslide prone shimla zones2

Photo: Himachal Watcher

Nevertheless, the spot will be fixed right after someone get buried alive or get injured. The blame would go to natural calamity, and affected would be given relief money as compensation.

Technically, it would be a deliberate crime on the part of the administration, elected ward representatives, and to people who hardly report it to their respective ward councilors.

There are several ways to persuade the councilors to act, especially media because it is meant to highlight the grievance of the public.


All Photos: Himachal Watcher

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