Maneater leopard in Kinnaur’s ribba shot dead

Man-eater leopard in Kinnaur’s Ribba shot dead

Kinnaur: The people in the Ribba village of Kinnaur district on Monday took a sigh of relief as they received the news that the man-eater leopard was shot dead by a team of locals and shooters of the forest department.

The leopard was declared as a man-eater on Friday after it mauled an elderly lady to death. Her severed body was found with its head torn-apart. As per the villagers, the same leopard had killed a lady a few months ago and injured a couple of others.

The people were living in panic and their movement during evening hours was interrupted by the animal.

On the request of the villagers, the Division Forest Officer had asked a team of shooters from Solan to neutralize the animal. On Monday, the team finally ambushed and killed the leopard.

As per the department, some cages were also set-up to capture the animal alive. Apparently, on failure of cages, the shooters had to put down the animal.

Considering the animal as a threat to human life, it is good news. However, taking in view the man and animal conflict, it not only caused loss of lives of humans but also of the animal.

In a similar case, a few months ago, a leopard had to be shot dead in Ghumarwin region of Bilaspur district after declaring it a man-eater.

The conflict is on rise and other parts of Himachal have also reported attacks by leopards and black bears. Last week, a leopard was found roaming in crowded locality of Dhana near Shimla city. Luckily, the department had captured the animal alive after tranquilizing it.

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