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HP Elections 2017: Criminal, financial, academic, other facts about winning candidates



details of the winning hp assembly election MLAs

The maximum number of MLAs with criminal background came from the BJP at 18(41%) out of total 44 elected MLAs

Shimla: It is of utmost importance that you know about the candidates whom you have elected to the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly 2017 to form the new government. As an overview, let us take a look at the analysis carried out by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR).

It says that out of the total 68 MLAs including candidates of all parties, this time the number of elected MLAs with criminal cases has increased to 22(32%) as compared to 14 (21%) in 2012. There are 8 (12%) elected MLAs with serious criminal cases against them as compared to 5 (7%) in 2012. 

Party-wise, two (10%) Congress MLAs out of total 21 has criminal cases against them. The maximum number of MLAs with criminal background came from the BJP at 18(41%) out of total 44 elected MLAs. This list also includes one independent and one CPI (M) candidate.

Financial Background

Out of the 68 MLAs, 52 (76%) are crorepatis as compared to 44 (65%) in 2012 assembly elections.

Party wise, these crorepatis include 28 BJP MLAs, 21 (100%) Congress MLAs, one CPI(M) MLA, and two (100%) independent MLAs.

All about Winning MLAs in HP Assembly elections 2017

 The average of assets per MLA in the elections is Rs 8.88 Crores as compared to Rs 7.45 crores in 2012.

If the party-wise average assets are considered, among the major parties, the average assets per MLA for 21 INC MLAs is Rs 13.80 crores, Rs 6.14 crores for 44 BJP MLAs, and Rs. 12.85 Crores for two Independent MLAs.

The top 3 MLAs with highest assets contesting in the  2017 Assembly Elections are:

background of HP Assembly 2017 winning candidates

The three MLAs with lowest assets are as follows:

background of HP Assembly 2017 winning candidates 2

MLAs with high liabilities: 59 (87%) out of 68 MLAs have declared liabilities. 

The top three MLAs with highest liabilities are as given below:background of HP Assembly 2017 winning candidates 3

 3 MLAs have declared total annual income of more than Rs 1 Crore. The details of these 3 MLAs are as given below:

background of HP Assembly 2017 winning candidates 4

Further, 10 (15%) out of 68 MLAs have not declared their sources of income while 4(6%) did not declare income tax details.

There are 2 MLAs with assets more than Rs 1 crore and have not declared income tax details. Their details are as given below:

hp elections

Comparative analysis of assets of re-elected MLAs

This election 30 MLAs have been re-elected.  The average assets of re-elected MLAs in 2017 is Rs. 10:30 crores as compared to Rs 5.79 crores in 2017.

The growth in average assets of re-elected MLAs from 2012 to 2017 is Rs 4.60 crores i.e. by 79%.

Comparative analysis of party wise average assets of re-elected MLAs in 2012 and 2017

facts about HP Assembly Elections 2017


Out of total 68, (31%) MLAs are between 8th pass and 12th pass, while 47(69%) MLAs are graduate or above.


Ou of the total, 20 (29%) MLAs are aged between 25 and 50 years, 46(68%) MLAs are between 51 and 80 years, and one MLA is above 80 years. Out of 68 MLAs, 4 (6%) MLAs are women as compared to 3 (4%) in 2012.

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Kotkhai Gudiya case solved, says CBI claiming it was not a gang rape



Kotkhai gudiya case solved says cbi

Shimla: In yet another mind-boggling development in the Gudiya case, the Central Bureau of Investigation today, while submitting its status report in the Himachal Pradesh High Court, reportedly claimed that it has cracked the case.

The CBI told the court that it was the last status report in the case and that it would file a charge-sheet against the accused within 90 days.

The news has begun to appear in national media where it is being claimed that the agency has finally cracked the blind case of rape and murder.

The PTI reported that the CBI has changed the theory given by the local police and claimed that it was not a case of gangrape. As per CBI, the lone accused, who was identified as Anil Kumar, has been arrested on April 13 based on the DNA reports that matched with the sample taken from victim’s body. The accused was said to be a lumberjack.

The report further said the CBI had found that the accused had been hiding all this time and that he also has a criminal background.

The agency used new DNA percentage matches and lineage matches to crack the case. The agency further claimed that it was after getting multiple scientific pieces of evidence that the accused was identified and arrested.

The investigation was done quietly and away from public scrutiny to ensure culprits don’t escape. Accused was arrested on 13 April and produced before designated Court today. He has been remanded to judicial custody till 7 May,

Abhishek Dayal, CBI Chief Info Officer, told ANI.

However, the court was not satisfied with the status report and asked the agency to file an affidavit on the behalf of its Director.

The next hearing will be conducted on May 8. The court said it would decide whether the CBI Chief to be summoned or not. The CBI defended its Director saying he had been carefully monitoring all the status reports filed in the court.

The CBI counsel tried to convince the court that there was no need to direct the Director to be personally present in the court.

The people of Himachal are bewildered as nine police officials including then Inspector General Zahur H Zaidi, SP of Shimla, DW Negi, and DSP of Theog, Manoj Joshi, were put behind bars by the agency on August 29, 2018.

The CBI charge-sheet filed against the nine police officials alleged the accused of hatching a conspiracy, framing wrong people, and even hacking one of them to death in police custody.

The people believed that some influential and wealthy people influenced the police probe to shield the real culprits. There have been rioting like the situation in Kotkhai region and entire Himachal was echoing with protesting voices. However, now a big question that arises here is that why did local police take such a risk? How can a simple lumberjack influence police SIT and fool the CBI for 10 months?

The reactions of the victim’s parents and locals towards the CBI probe are still awaited. Moreover, in coming days, the agency may come out with a public statement to explain the entire episode and clear the doubts of the people regarding the investigation.

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Road in Mashobra Ward of SMC in tatters for last 10 years




Shimla: While the new Government of Himachal Pradesh claims that it has achieved all the targets it had set for the first 100 days, the ground reality doesn’t agree with it entirely.

As per the Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, Rs. 100 crores were sanctioned for repair and maintenance of roads, however, even the urban Shimla did not witness these repairs.

Some residents of Mashobra – Lower Dhalli Ward (Number 21) of the Shimla Municipal Corporation wrote to Himachal Watcher regarding the pathetic condition of the road in their locality algonwith pictures of the Mashobra market.  

The road has not been repaired from last 10 years. The problem of water-logging pertains from past 5 years, but the civic body did not attend to it, 

said one of the residents.

Bhartiya Janata Party’s Shalinder Chauhan has been elected for the second time as councillor of the Ward. However, he made only promises to solve this problem, which were never fulfilled,

the resident further added.

Mashobra market

This road leads to famous tourist destinations like Talai, Carignano Nature Park along with government offices like the Regional Horticultural Research Station, Mashobra, and HP Panchayati Raj Training Institute.

Despite the frequent movement of government officials in this Ward, the road did not attract the attention of any single of them.

Several Ministers cross this road and, a few days back, the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had organized a national level annual meeting near Talai, but the problem remains invisible to everyone except the locals,

a local youth told HW.

The pedestrians face daily trouble due to the large potholes, which turn into pools of water when it rains. Passing vehicles splash accumulated water on pedestrians. During sunny days, clouds of dust troubles the residents as well as shopkeepers and dhabs located in the market, the residents complained.   

The locals are forced to live in dust and mud for last 10 years, but the problems of the locals did not find a place in media, they further complained.

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Busted: Hindi Daily exaggerated news about delay in handing over dead bodies of Nurpur accident victims




Tribute to Nurpur school bus accident

Kangra: “If it is published in a newspaper, then the news must be true,” most of the common readers believe.

Unfortunately, journalists do not deserve a blind faith of the people in a country like India where media houses are propelled by profits instead of motives. Journalists often exaggerate and sensationalize reports deliberately, which brings a bad name to the fraternity of journalists.

The most recent reference could be made to a news published by a Hindi Daily regarding the alleged politics over the dead bodies of 23 children who died in the tragic accident of a school bus on April 9, 2018, near Nurpur of Kangra district.

Nurpur School bus accident

Outside Nurpur Hospital on April 10

The Hindi Daily, in  a report published in its April 11 edition, had alleged the district administration of making unnecessary delay in handing over the dead bodies of the victims to their families. The motive, the report alleged, was that the Chief Minister could pay tribute to the bodies as part of a political stunt.

The report went on saying that the bodies of some of the victims, which were already handed over to the families on April 9, were also brought back. The parents kept asking for the bodies while the district administration and a local MLA told them to wait for the arrival of the Chief Minister, the Daily had reported.

It sounds like the cheapest of political stunts. Doesn’t it?

The Chief Minister and the Deputy Commissioner of Kangra, Sandeep Sharma, faced severe criticism after the news was published by the Daily.

pyres of nurpur school bus accident

Pyres of the victims

However, not all the information fed by the reporter of the Daily was factually correct.

Himachal Watcher’s credible friends in media, who were present at the hospital, revealed that there might have been some delay but no dead body was brought back.  The Daily blew the news out of proportion,  we were told.

I was right there outside the mortuary with other reporters and correspondents of news agencies to cover the story. No body was handed over to any of the families on April 9, so there is no question of bringing them back,

a journalist told Himachal Watcher.

Most of the reporters had left the hospital by 10:00 PM, but we stayed there for a while. The gates of the mortuary were locked at about 12:00 PM and no one was allowed to enter thereafter. Therefore, it was a sheer lie, 

the journalist said. 

We also consulted other journalists, who agreed that the news was indeed blown out of proportion.

Such irresponsible and sensational reporting defames the media fraternity, especially the responsible journalists, 

said one of the media persons expressing disappointment with the reporter of the Daily.

The Daily is trying to cover up the matter but the inconsistency in the facts in its follow-up stories is clearly visible.  

The DC, Kangra, on April 12 had issued a press statement terming the news as a misleading one, which turned out to be true. 

The news not only defamed the Chief Minister but also shook the little faith that common men still have in the government and local administration. The newspaper cutting of the Daily did rounds of social media and attracted the wrath of the people.

The message is clear; there is no space for blind trust on media. We need to be careful while going through such sensitive news.

I have just one request to those people who started to share the news clipping on social media. First, try to cross check the facts before opening critical attack on such sensitive matters. It is not about defaming the government but of humanity,

a journalist associated with an English Daily said.   

It was a total breach of trust of the readers as well as those who came across it on social media. 

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