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Himachal Records 3 Low-Intensity Quakes in 1 Day, 5 in 3 Days



Three quakes in chamba district in 2020

Shimla-Himachal Pradesh on Friday recorded three low-intensity earthquakes. First quake (2.7 Richter) was recorded at 10:48 am in Kullu district. Second and third quakes were recorded in Chamba district (3.2 Richter) at 2:42 pm and 4:38 pm respectively. The intensity of the third quake (4.1 Richter) was higher than the two previous shocks. The epicenter of two of these quakes was located on Chamba -Jammu and Kashmir Border.

No loss of life or property was reported. However, frequent occurrence of low-intensity quakes, especially in Chamba district, has created some panic among the people.

Last year, on September 8, three low-intensity quakes were recorded in Chamba district. One of the quakes was measured 4.9 on the Richter scale.

Next day, on September 9, three more low-intensity quakes were recorded within an hour. One of the quakes measured 5.0 on the Richter scale. By October 2019, Chamba had recorded 15 such low-intensity quakes. Most of these earthquakes were shallow with a maximum depth of 20 Km.

Director of Meteorological Department, Himachal Pradesh, Manmohan Singh told media that occurrence of multiple low-intensity quakes is common and there was no need to panic.

However, in July 2019, a Spokesman of Revenue and Disaster Management had told media that occurrence of bigger quake can’t be ruled out. He had advised that people should always be prepared to face disasters. Part of preparedness includes keeping emergency kits ready containing emergency food, medicals, etc.  It is also advised that during the exigency situation to keep calm and move to safer places and ask for help from Toll-free helpline numbers such as 1077 or 1070 or 112.

The State has been shaken by many earthquakes in the past and 1905 Kangra earthquake was strongest ever recorded earthquake in the history. Around 20,000 thousand people had lost their lives and more than one lakh houses were collapsed in this quake. Since then the state has witnessed more than 297 earthquakes of magnitude 3 and above in the Richter scale.

Chamba along with several other districts of the state falls in a high-seismic zone. As per the many research outcomes, he had said, a strong earthquake in this part of the Himalayas in the near future cannot be ruled out as no major earthquake has shaken this place for long.


Misc News/Press Release

COVID-19: Himachal Crosses 200 Mark as 18 More Test Positive  



COVID-19 cases in Himachal Pradesh on may 24

Shimla– On Sunday, Himachal Pradesh reported 18 new COVID-19 positive cases from different districts. According to the official statistics released by the health department on May 24, 2020, the total for the State had risen to 203 from yesterday’s 185.

Una district reported six cases including a home-guard personal was also tested positive. They had recently returned from Mumbai and Delhi.

Kangra reported two cases from Panchrukhi area, while Chamba, Bilaspur, Solan and Mandi reported one case each. Hamirpur reported two cases.

District-Wise COVID-19 Cases Till May 24, 2020 (9:00 PM)

HP District wise cases on May 24, 2020

In Mandi, a 19-year-old girl was tested positive. She had returned from Mumbai and was under institutional quarantine in Sandhol.

The person tested positive in Chamba has also returned from Mumbai.

Details of some of the patients were not available.

Further, four people have recovered. As of now, the State has 137 active cases. 

Daily COVID-19 Data of Himachal Pradesh on may 24

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News of Sealing Himachal’s Borders from May 31st  Fake, Movement of People to Continue: Govt



Fake News of sealing of Himachal borders from may 31

Shimla- A news item is being circulated in the social media claiming that borders of the Himachal Pradesh would be sealed from 31st May 2020 and the people coming from other parts of the country would be kept in institutional quarantine at borders.

Some of the mainstream media has also been mentioning that the Chief Minister has hinted at sealing State borders from May 31st, which caused panic and unrest among people stranded in other states. In a haste, they began to arrange transportation before May 31st.

However, it’s just a fake news. An official spokesman of the state government confirmed today that this news is false, fabricated and devoid of facts.

The Spokesman said that there will be no sealing of borders of the State and movement of the people would continue but passes will be required as per current practice for all inter-state movement of persons and vehicles.

The state government has urged the people not to trust such fake news and there is no need for panic as the State has no such plans.

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Barber Shops/Saloons in Shimla Allowed to Open, List of Several Mandatory Conditions Issued With Strict Directions



Guidelines for Barbaer shops in Himachal Pradesh 2

Shimla-As a relief to barbers and saloons in Himachal Pradesh, the State Cabinet on May 23 decided to allow them to open from Monday onwards on several conditions. In this regard, the District Administration, Shimla, has already issued several mandatory guidelines under the Section 34 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, which the staff at barber shops/saloons would have to follow while providing service to customers.  Any violation of these guidelines would be punishable as per the laws.  Also, training was given to over 150 stylists/barbers in the district on what to do and what not during delivering services.

First of all, shops/salons would have to give an undertaking to the DC stating that they do not have any flu-like symptoms, have no travel history during the last 14 days, and did not come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

The hair-dressers would be allowed to give a hair cut only. Shaving, threading, etc. would not be permitted.

Every service provider will have to register each and every customer in a format provided by the District Administration. The staff will have to obtain information regarding every customer including name, age, gender, address, mobile number, and status of installation of Arogya Setu app, symptoms of flu with the date and registration number.

Customers with cough, fever or symptoms of breathing problems won’t be allowed to avail services of astylist/barber. Similarly, the staff showing the same symptoms is not allowed to provide service.

While it would be mandatory for a customer to wear a triple-layered mask, the stylist/barber would have to wear disposable cap and gloves in addition to a triple-layered mask.

Hand sanitizer containing at least 70 percent alcohol should be available at shops/saloons and hands of every customer would have to be sanitized on entry.  

Barbers/stylist can only use disposable towel/gowns or apron, and gloves. They would have to discard them after use and wear new ones. Staff would have to open the packaging of a new apron in the presence of a customer.

After serving a customer, the shops/saloons would have to sanitize every tool/device used and door handles, service counter, chairs, railings and everything that comes in contact with a customer. They will have to wipe floors twice in day–in the morning and evening-with a sanitizer containing at least one percent sodium hydrochloride or lizol. After using them every time, tools must be first washed and then sanitized with a sanitizer containing 70 percent alcohol.  

Staff can’t use tools/devices like hairdryer trimmer etc. which can’t be washed and sanitized.

The staff has been asked to refrain from walk-in service to prevent gathering to ensure social distancing. The customers will have to book an appointment online or telepathically. The owners would have to display phone/WhatsApp numbers outside their shops/saloons.

Only one customer would be allowed to enter at a time unless there are six or more chairs in a saloon.

There would be no waiting area and magazines, newspapers or other reading material. The staff has been directed to keep the conversation with customers to the minimum. Also, they can only converse while looking in the mirror and not directly.

Further, barbers/stylists would have to stick to the rate list with fixed charges for a service.

Further, the officials of the district administration have been asked to monitor the functioning of such shops/saloons and file a report daily. It is to be seen as to how the district administration makes barbers/saloons follow this long list of mandatory conditions. 

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