Chaily Forest unsafe and filled with garbage, (Shimla)

A notice is put on a wall that Please keep the panchayat clean, but no one bothered about this notice or request frorm the pradhan. The forest nearby Chaily village is getting uglier each day as the shopkeepers and residents are throwing all the rubbish into the forest. Pradhan did not cared to warn people or do anything to make sure that garbage is disposed properly. The scene is set just opposite to the PNB branch office.

Then, there is a high voltage transformer installed near the school, but there is no fence at all around it. Even the box where the wires are connected are open, and locked in no way. The kids use the nearby road and many time I saw them hopping near it. It’s really unsafe for kids or anyone who happened to come in contact with it. There is always a provision of safety fence or wall around such electrical installations. But, it sad that corrupted HPPSEB don’t care even about the lives of people.

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