How unwise plans of the H.P. Government result in the wastage of money

A school building in the Mandi district was built 5 years ago, but didn’t even witnessed a single class.

The wastage of the funds is nothing surprising on the part of government in India, and many times inappropriate plans lead to weird results. The building of the government primary school Khaliar in Jawahar Nagar of the Mandi district, tells the same story. The two story primary school building was constructed 4-5 years ago by the government, but till date, the school hasn’t conducted even a single class and stands in vain, untouched for all these years.

Have a look at the images. After watching the condition of the building, who would believe that it’s a new construction, which was never used in any productive purpose. Neither the government, nor the education department has paid any heed towards the maintenance and use of the building for any reasonable purpose.


An apparent question that would pop-up in the mind of any responsible citizen is that why an amount of public wealth was wasted on the construction of the building, and even if the building is standing unoccupied, then why the government didn’t offerer it to the needy organizations or any other official branch. It’s a disgust on the part of our government departments and the plan makers to waste public wealth in such a unwise manner.

Sent to HW by Hemlata Pathania, District President of the Himalayan Disabled Welfare Association Mandi


जवाहर नगर खलियर बार्डन०१ लकड़ी डीपू के नजदीक सरकार ऩे लगभग ४,या ५साल पहले एक प्राइमरी स्कूल बनवाया था! लेकिन जब से वह भवन बना है तब से आजतक न क्लास लगी ना ही इस भवन का प्रयोग हो रहा है! इस भवन को देख कर कोई नही कह सकता कि भवन नया है ना इस भवन कि सफाई ब्यवस्था की ओर प्रशासन ऩे ध्यान दिया और ना ही शिक्षा विभाग ऩे सरकार के धन का दुरूपयोग किया जा रहा है इस भवन का कोई इस्तेमाल नही हो रहा क्योंकि स्कूल में वाले बच्चे को नया भवन बन गया है यह भवन खाली पड़ा है सरकार व प्रशासन को इस भवन की सफाई के बारे में सोचना चाहिए! अगर इस भवन कि विभाग को ज़रुरत नही है तो ज़रुरत मंद को देना चाहिए ताकि इस भवन कि देखरेख हो सके |

हेमलता पठानिया जिला प्रधान
हिमालयन विकलांग कल्याण संस्था
मंडी जिला मंडी


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  1. Madan

    Its just a single example, if the public starts raising all other too, then it’ll be startling. But unfortunately public has no interest in the wealth of their state, being wasted by the hands of some idiots they had elected in the last elections.

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