Shimla bypass road from poor to worse, HPPWD takes home all the credit


A few pictures of the closed bridge on the Shimla bypass road and nearby spots, within an area of 100 meters around the bridge

The previous Big Picture show depicted the love of HPSEB for trees and stubborn backwardness in the attitude with which DFO Shimla has been treating our complaints to relieve those poor trees from the tight stay wires, choking them to death.Today, we have HPPWD, which is a step ahead from MC Shimla and doesn’t have regard for even the human lives, which were lost when many vehicles roll down from the bypass road, which otherwise would have been saved if there had been appropriate road safety walls/parapets/ railings. After near about 7-8 months after our regular complaints, they place some railings at 2 or 3 spots on the bypass road. We had written to them regarding the poor condition of the bridges. The two bridges collapsed a long ago and were replaced by temporary bridges. It’s over a decade, but the temporary never turned into permanent and now the condition is as shown in the pictures. Moreover, we thought the grievances should be revived once more, which has become worse from poor.

lalpani-bridge-shimla jugaad-by-hppwd-solan bypass-bridge bjp-congress-shimla-bypass shimla-bypass-bridge-condition jugaad-by-hppwd shimla-bypass-bridge

The bridge was in a poor condition from past couple of years, now it became a risk for the vehicles and was closed. Look at the size of the stones placed on the both ends of the bridge. Is it the proper way to signal the risk ahead? Rather, at night, these won’t even be properly visible.




These particular picture shows the very location where the HPPWD had started placing protective railings a month ago, but could place only a single railing along with a few pits.(marked in the image above).


This one above,shows the seriousness of HPPWD towards the lives of the public. See yourself, how proper, strong parapets are built on the roadsides, and that too, when the complaints was made after a few people died in accidents on this point.

shimla-by-pass-fagali-tutikandi-new-isbt shimla-roads shimla-queen-of-hills bridge-shimla-lalpani-bypass

As the bridge is now finally closed, the alternate way remains the only way. However, the condition of the patch of road around the bridge is too smooth to ride.

shimla-bypass MC-shimla-clean-and-green mc-shimla-clean-and-green-bypass

A couple of other artistic and scenic sites near the bridge.

Those who went through the show and felt convinced that the situation is more than poor; please leave some feedback for HPPWD. It might help save some lives and vehicles.

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