Heights of patheticity, MC Shimla resorts to false and misleading replies on E-Samdhan


After HW repeatedly enquired regarding the amount sanctioned by MC house for providing safety railings at Boileauganj, MC Shimla resorts to false and misleading replies to avoid action for almost an year.

It’s been almost a year that MC Shimla had sent HW a positive reply to one of its innumerous complaints, saying that an amount has already been sanction to fix the issue and the contract will be awarded to the contractor after the MC election. However, when we enquired regarding the same after 7 months of MC election and asked question regarding the whereabouts of Rs. 8,90,000 amount they had sanctioned, MC Shimla now replies that the budget is just prepared and still to be sanctioned. Are you trying to befool us or upto some fraud?

Let’s take a look at what MC Shimla has been doing.

We submitted the complaint to MC Shimla on 5 May 2012 after a car accident in Summerhill. On 31 May 2012, MC Shimla replied that a budget of 8,90000 has already been sanctioned to provide safety railing throughout the road from Boileauganj to Shive Mandir and the contract would be awarded after the MC elections.


When nothing was done even after eight months to resolve the grievance, on 3 January 2013, HW again asked MC Shimla to reply to our enquiry and whereabouts of the amount sanctioned. However, they didn’t reply to our enquiry at all except saying ‘in progress’. Left with no choice, on 7 January 2013, HW published an article titled “Where did the Rs. 8,90,000 sanctioned by MC Shimla disappear?”. Now, on 31 January 2013, MC Shimla replied to us saying that the amount has just been prepared and will be awarded to the contractor after it is sanctioned.


We begin in May 2012, it’s January 2013 now, and the grievance remains untouched. What the hell MC Shimla is trying to achieve here? Either you lied to the complainer or you are trying to play fraud by getting the same amount of money sanctioned twice for the same grievance.

If not, then please explain your false replies. Why MC Shimla again prepared the budget if it had already done so 8 months earlier? Where did the money sanctioned earlier go? Why you only reply when we publish your wretchedness on our publication and not to our humble enquiries? MC Shimla, you have already made Shimla a stinking hell and now, when someone is asking you to be responsible to the public and share the information regarding their complaints, you resorted to lying.

You are pathetic. It’s for the fifth time in a year that we are writing to MC Shimla through E-Samadhan regarding the same complaint over and over again, but you haven’t even touched the actual grievance except sending us false and misleading information. You did the same in case of Rajhana Panchayat, that is crying for a patch of road from the past 4 years. You sanctioned the money a year ago, but when we enquired regarding the same, you picked up the excuse of unfavorable weather. How much time you need to resurface a patch of 600 meter? You didn’t get even a week with favorable weather in a whole year?

Don’t you have any respect for your duty, any morality left to justify the salaries you have been withdrawing for your positions, and even a little concern for the safety of the public. Of course, not, these words might sound alien to you. After all, you are a government department. However, HW ensures that it won’t stop tracing the public complaints. Perhaps, we now require some legal help to deal with you.

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  1. Sonia Chauhan

    Working of MC Shimla is pathetic. The newly elected Mayor and Dy Mayor have no control over the work force. In the recent snowfall in Shimla, the roads were not cleared and Shimla people were left to face the accidents on road. People had supported these two with great expectations but they have terribly dis-appointed the people of Shimla. They are best shouting slogans outside DC office. Give them a position to do something for the people and they look clueless.

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