Cool ‘Pop-Art and Portraits’ from a self-taught Shimla artist

About Artist

Good artists copy, great artists steal.:Pablo Picasso

Kushal Sood is one more art loving soul from the ‘queen of hills’ Shimla district of Himachal. He is a first generation entrepreneur and self-taught artist with passion for fine arts. His association and experience with colors and canvas is quite old, but his business commitments kept him away from his love for quite a while, and it’s was in 2011, after a gap of almost 10 years, that Kushal again continued with his colorful manifestations. Realistic pencil portraits and PoP ArT are Kushal’s favorite styles, and he mostly uses acrylic colors and pencils. His works are entirely based on his preference for portrait drawings.

Have a look at his works in the gallery, and you would notice that most of his works, let it be Pop Art or sketches, are portraits. Working with portraits means dealing mainly with facial expressions with as much neatness as the artist can. His subjects vary from beauties like Camilla Belle, Marlyin Munro and Madhubala to villainous expression of Joker from Dark Night Rises. With this much variety and taste for beauty, one can assume him an open mind free from chains of logics or cultures.

That’s not it. He is also learning and practicing with watercolors and oil paints. His dream is to take PoP ArT to the peaks of popularity in Himachal, which he believes, is still an alien form of fine art in the state . What drives Kushal most to pursue his passion is “the desire to be known as a portrait artist with a difference”.

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