What makes MC Shimla the worst govt department?

In 9 months, MC Shimla couldn’t even resolve a small complaint regarding insanitation & garbage disposal in Sankat Mochan, rather resorted to false reports.

In May 2012, HW had submitted a complaint to MC Shimla regarding the issue of inappropriate garbage disposal, which created unpleasant scene around the popular temple. The complaint also said about removing the metal wires and iron rods from the trees inside and in surrounding of the Sankat Mochan temple.

However, MC Shimla settled for just scattering the garbage, until, we again wrote to it after visiting the temple. On our second complaint regarding the same issue.

MC Shimla assured certain action and sent us the following reply:

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Dear CHO (Corporation Health Officer). immediately summon the sankat mochan temple management and explain them the situation without any coercion. also plan for a spot visit within a week.

Hon’ble Dy. Mayor, Shri Tikender Panwar
Jun 13 20

Now, after almost 8 months to this reply, MC Shimla replied that the health inspector visited the temple himself and assured that the action has been taken.


But unfortunately, it was just another lie intended to ignore taking action. A few wires and iron rods were removed from couple of trees and majority of them were intentionally ignored, which still awaits release.


It’s quite idiotic to see that only one of the street light, out of two nailed into this specific tree, was removed, but the other one was left untouched. MC Shimla is either full of illiterates or it doesn’t know what does it means to harm trees.

Here are the pictures taken by HW after the visit of Municipal Sanitary Inspector (On 10 Feb, 2013, who confirmed that there is no more garbage problem.

sankatmochan-temple-6 sankatmochan-temple-9

Now, HW would like to ask the Municipal Chief Health Office and the Sanitary Inspector, whether, this is what they call a proper action. If the sanitary inspector actually visited the site, then how he confirmed that the garbage has been removed and temple authorities have now managed the proper disposal, when actually it hasn’t.

Talking about the trees, please explain why only some of the stay-wires were removed and others were not.

Some of the trees before and after removing the metal wires and rods

stay-wires-removed-from-trees-taradevi sankatmochan-temple sankatmochan-mandir-NH22 hanumaan-temple-sankatmochan-shimla

Here are some other trees, which still have not been freed from the metal wires and, we must say, it’s a disgusting attitude on the part of MC Shimla to attend a couple of trees and ignore others on the same site, and that too, after almost a year of the complaint was made.

sankat-mochan-temple sankat-mochan-temple-2 sankat-mochan-temple-3

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