What makes Team TEDxCartRoad the “Young-Guns” of Shimla


I was introduced to the Team of TEDxCartRoad some 65 days back and the journey so far has been a great learning experience. Be it meeting the DC of Shimla, some directorate or organizing the first ever Freeze Mob in town, TEDxCartRoad has added so many amazing memories in my life. Since, we have just three days for the event now so, I thought of asking my team members about what exactly they feel being a part of TEDx CartRoad team.Scroll down to figure out yourself

A blogger friend and budding entrepreneur from Shimla, Anuj Sharma knew about TEDx for a long time, but never thought that he would be getting a real time opportunity to attend one or be a part of the team organizing. He got himself registered as a mild active contributor, as things are a little demanding on the other hand. As a part of the team he got a chance to watch marvelous people working with dedication to get the event together in the present shape. He did his part of spreading the word via his blog to thousands of viewers. Apart from regular things, he has learnt that unique and determined people always get attracted towards ideas and come together they surely create something awesome.

Anuj TEDx

My blogger friend Neo Blue Panther told me that he has been following the TED Talks website for a few years now, and when he heard that there was a TEDx event happening in our town, there was no way he was not going to be a part of it. His journey has been amazing with the team. According to him,

Neo TEAM TEDx CartRoad Shimla

“It was a revelation to meet so many creative people from our own town. I always thought there were not too many people in Shimla who would be interested in such activities. But, I am glad I was wrong. I have realized that in a team it is important to take on responsibility and fulfill your commitments to the team.”

Another friend and blogger from Shimla, Rohit Sharma said,

“I am a viewer of TED talks – need I say more… I guess it’s better to be a TEDxr rather than simply a viewer. It was an enjoyable so far – got to know so many passionate people. Being a team player is the key element for the success of every event. In volunteer driven events there are many bottlenecks and we get really panicked when we won’t get any breakthroughs but these are the testing times to determine strength of any team.”

Rohit Sharma Team TEDxCartRoad Shimla

A young, sweet and bubbly girl from St. Bedes, Ankita Chaterjee came to know about the TEDxCartRoad event through a friend. Her thoughts were compatible with the TEDx motto and she liked the way TEDx gives a platform to ideas worth sharing. According to her, “The journey so far has been exciting as well as enlightening. We worked in a group and this has made me tolerant and more efficient!”

Ankita Chaterjee TEDxCartRoad Shimla

Another St. Bedes student and a pretty girl Manisha Abrol found the theme of TEDx, which says ideas worth spreading, amazing and it made her join the team. As Manisha believes in the power of new ideas and she thought of not missing the opportunity to contribute in some way. She learnt a lot from the team and according to her it was a great journey so far working with the likeminded people. It was an awesome flow of energy that motivated her throughout and with the Team TEDxCartRoad Shimla she has learnt to believe in the power of team work as it was not a one man army.

Manisha Abrol Team TEDx CartRoad

Young entrepreneur and a passionate TEDxer from Shimla, Himanshu Sud was quiet familiar with Ted and Tedx. As soon as the opportunity came his way he had no second thoughts. He feels enthralled to cover the entire journey of the preparations as according to him, it is an exciting process and a great prospect for the future of this town and state. He said, “There is always much to learn when there’s such a diverse team of organizers and speakers. For him just the entire process of being part of organizing such an event in Simla has been a great learning experience.”

Himanshu Sud Team TedxCartroad Shimla

The guy with a shutterbug and dreamy eyes, Samir Azad is very excited about the TEDxCartRoad event. When he joined the team he was new to TEDx ideas but since the event was in his own city, he was quiet enthusiastic. As per his words, it was an opportunity to learn, to explore new things and to find interesting new people working for a cause. He told me that the journey so far with the team was interesting and he never knew that there were such amazing people in his own city. Just like any Shimlaite he also thought that all the creative and passionate people move out from this city to do something big. People have their own excuses to leave the city for career, big opportunities, but being a part of team made him realize that it doesn’t matter if you are in a big place or a small, as far as you have the spark to chase your passion.

Samir Azad Team TEDxcartRoad Shimla

Aman Vij joined TEDxCartRoad with a mindset that through this platform he will be able to draw the attention of youth and the passionate souls of Shimla towards the social issues like, corruption, unemployment, child labor etc. He believes that the likeminded young generation will help him in the cause. Before joining Team TEDxCartRoad he was alone fighting for the causes but now he believes that he has a team of young guns to support him.


Theater artist and a passionate youngster from Shimla, Prabbhat Sharma believes that destiny made him join TEDxCartroad. It was fun being part of the team and he learnt a lot from as he got his mind revamped which popped up with new ideas.

prabhat Team TEDx Cartroad shimla

For Bhavna Karki TEDxCartRoad is a platform to share ideas and interact with people who have followed their dreams.

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