“Don’t turn your back on her, Listen to her pain”: Shimla


SHIMLA-Artists of all kind and the mainstream media go with what the society goes through. The social drama influences and inspires every field of life. Politicians, groups, NGOs, companies, marketers always find a great opportunity to showcase their name through a variety of events whenever public is tuned to such a sensational frequency due to recent unfortunate events. Incidents of crime against women, especially after 26 December gang-rape, media has started reporting as much sexual assault cases as they can. The horrific crime has raised TRPs on this subject. Still, the media has helped a lot in highlighting the actual condition of crime against women in our country.

Still, there are exceptions, and people with real human heart do exist and they do come out on streets without seeking any promotion or without expecting a credit. Yesterday, a bunch of girls came out with a ‘Nukkad’ performance at the Shimla Ridge. The script intended to restore the dignity of women and highlight the ways in which majority of females suffer from various kinds of violence and crimes against them.

After the performance, the girls conducted a protest march, which was concluded at the Scandal Point. One of the posters in their hands said, “Let your pain speak. You can get raped, but can’t protest against rape”. These aren’t just slogans. They are the reality. First the females have to rise and speak to let the world know their pain and injustice imposed on them. The response of the public wasn’t surprising. Words like rape, gang-rape, sexual assault etc. no more sound shocking to them.


No matter with what intentions this event was organized and who organized it, their presence did help speak of the struggle of majority of females in India. There is a huge pile of instances that tells of gradually growing insensitivity and disrespect towards females. Dignity of women in India is on stake, so, don’t turn your back on her, listen to her pain.

It was a small wake-up call for those who could listen to the pain that gender discrimination cause women in India. We have a few pictures and a video if you missed it.

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Photo Copyright: Ankit Manchanda/Madan

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