Dussehra celebrations in pictures: A day at Summerhill ground


SHIMLA– HW thought of catching a few glimpses of Dussehra celebrations in Shimla. We chose to spend the day at Summerhill ground. Perhaps, it’s the best place to understand that such festive occasion shouldn’t be limited to being just a viewer, who arrives 30 minutes before the effigies are set on fire, and leaves right after it’s done like it happens at Jakhu temple and Sankat Mochan.

kids enjoy dushera in summerhill

At Summerhill, it was an altogether different scene. “Summerhill Sports, Cultural and Welfare Society”, like many previous years, organized something which is socially more interactive, people actually participate, get involved, and make it a collective celebration. The biggest advantage that the organizers enjoy here is the availability of sufficient space to accommodate huge crowd. For two consecutive days, 12th and 13th October, Summerhill SCWS organized little games for kids, parents and almost anyone present at the ground. The winners were awarded later by the chief guests. Then, there was a prize distribution ceremony where students from various schools in Shimla were awarded for the athletic competition held earlier. The DJ played background songs whole day. Kids with balloon, crackers, and toys ran chirping all over the place. And, for the young fellows, there were lots of beautiful girls around to admire, of course, in their individually specific perspectives and manners. For political guys, the organizers, guests including Deputy Mayor of Shimla, Tikender Pawan, were present at the scene.

kids enjoye dushera in shimla kids and crakcers in shimla

At last, in the evening, when the ground is completely packed with audience, the characters of Ramleela recreate the battle scene between Ram and Ravana, and they do it with their best. The firework session begins. We see an amazing show of sky shots and crackers, which is awfully polluting, but entertaining. Finally, the effigies of Ravan, Meghnad, and Kumbhkaran are set on fire and burnt to ashes. Hence, the good defeats the bad. For an hour, the place is completely in smoke. Then, there is a dance session afterwards, where hundreds of people danced on DJ.

It’s an ethical paradox, where the pollution thing seems to deliver something beneficial for the society. It’s not easy to rectify the way we celebrate our traditional festivals here, especially, Dussehra and Diwali. However, the truth must be told, and the truth is that the air pollution is presently a great concern for the world. Crackers and fireworks need to be excluded from the celebration. These two days cause a huge damage to our ecosystem. If you can’t exclude them, at least, you can keep it at minimum. Now, you can enjoy the pictures and the video clip.

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