Baychari village celebrated the famous Jhoto Ka Mela


Himachal Pradesh is a land of deities, fairs and festivals and last Sunday I had a chance to visit Baychari village in Shimla District and what I experienced, reminded me of the last few minutes of the Bollywood Flick “Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara” ; unlike the man to beast race it was a one on one for Buffaloes. At first I was terrified because I thought it was highly dangerous for the animals plus the people around, but Om Prakash ji, a native of the same village, told me that it is an old tradition to make the buffaloes fight like this and to carry the tradition of the old folks, each year the same stuff is organized but now it has all the safety measures taken care of. Each buffalo is held by at least ten men so that there is no danger to the animals.

According to the organizers the motive of the fair is to keep the old traditions of the place alive and such fairs and festivals help in maintaining brotherhood among the villagers. Also, it can give an upthrust to the tourism of the place as each year many people from nearby places come to see the traditional Buffalo fight.

There were people from Tutu, Hiranagar, Sangti and Mashobra who came all the way to Baychari village in Shimla District to enjoy the Jhoto ka Mela. There were sweets shops lined up and it was a pleasure to watch the jhota fight while munching on the crisp and sweet Jelebis from one of the stalls owned by Heeralal ji, who comes to the fair every year.

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Photo Copyright: Ankit Manchanda/HW

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