Vikasnagar car accident – Watch it before you over-speed or overtake on blind curves


SHIMLA- Today, an Alto 800 collided with a truck on a sharp curve near Town and Country Planning in Vikasnagar. The front of the car was totally damaged, but fortunately there was no causality. However, it did cause a long traffic jam for almost half-an-hour.

According to the eyewitnesses and the truck driver, the car was in high speed and the driver couldn’t control the car when confronted with a truck on this blind curve.

From past few months, the number of road accidents is increasing. Yesterday, a private bus rolled-down a 700-meter gorge in Chamba district, leaving 14 dead and over 10 injured. Overloading, over-speed, and careless attitude like using cellphone while driving causes most of these accidents.

Inclination of Himachal’s youth towards alcohol and drugs is another considerable factor when it we talk of careless and high-speed drivers.


Definitely, the public isn’t complying with any of the road safety measures and traffic laws. We wonder why is it so hard to understand for a man, with an IQ good enough to drive, find it hard to realize that no one can predict what waits after the next curve. Why to take a chance when it’s complete gamble to over-speed or over-take on sharp curves in a hilly region like Himachal?


While, the transport minister transport minister GS Bali do ensure that necessary measure will be taken to make sure drivers comply with traffic rules, but the number of road accidents is still on the rise.

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