annandale ground snowfall

Season’s first snowfall in Shimla City – In Pictures

annandale ground snowfall

SHIMLA- First season of Snowfall in Himachal has brought both joy and chaos as the Govt. is again caught unprepared to manage restoration work after many basic facilities like water, electricity, and traffic facilities are hit.

Even today, on Tuesday, over 200 roads are closed all over Himachal with over 650 vehicles stranded in between. Shimla-Kinnaur, Chandigarh-Manali, Manali-Leh roads are still closed. More than 150 Govt. buses and over 250 tourist vehicles are trapped on Roahtang road.

Many parts of Himachal including Kullu-Manali, Kinnaur, Sirmaur, Mandi, Kangra, Chamba, and upper Shimla are in complete darkness due to damaged electricity supply lines. At many places wires came down while at other electric transformers were hit.

christmas shimla

The snowfall ranged from heavy to moderate in various parts of Himachal. In Shimla, except upper upper hills, spots like Shimla Mall, the Ridge, and Jakhu Hill only a spell of light snowfall was recorded. Although, the sun is back with its sunshine on Tuesday, but the snowfall has left Himachal reeling under cold wave.

The temperature has dropped by 10 to 11 degree Celsius at maximum to one to two degrees minimum at various places. At -9.6 degree Celsius, Keylong was recorded to be the coldest in Himachal, while Shimla recorded minimum temperature of 0.7 degree.

Many of HW’s readers had been asking us to post some images of snowfall, especially that from Shimla. We guess, we have some for them.

shimla winters

One of HW’s members has clicked some images of Shimla Mall and surrounding areas, which we are posting with a small video clip contributed by another reader, Ashish Rana.

The tourist flooded Shimla as soon as first flake of snow hit the higher hills a couple of days ago. The hoteliers are gay and collecting good money from this overflow. Although, there isn’t any forecast about next spell of snow, the tourist and hospitality industry are hopeful to witness a white Christmas this year. If it did, it’s going to be a jackpot for all in this industry. However, we aren’t sure that the Govt. is prepared to handle this kind of crowd.

The caved in Cart Road near High Court is troubling Shimla city already, and more inconvenience could come due to lethargic attitude of the concerned departments as none of them was observed interested in being prepared for even moderate season of snowfall.

Snowfall shimla 2014

The climate change due to unchecked deforestation and air pollution has changed the snowfall pattern a lot since past couple of decades. Unfortunately, it’s going to be worse in upcoming years for sure, especially with present ignorant and careless attitude of Govt. and people collectively towards ecology. However, you can enjoy these images anytime.

Image Credit: Tarun Sharma/ Video Credit: Ashish Rana

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