Expired food

Dhabas openly sell expired edibles and juices to passengers

My name is Vishal Sharma and I am a permanent citizen of Shimla. Presently, I am working in Delhi. Therefore, it is a regular practice for me to travel to and from Shimla to Delhi and vice-versa.

The complaint refers to the date19th April 2015 and other requisite details are mentioned herein at the end of the story.

I bought a juice bottle named “Mango Sip” from New Mayur Dhaba. On reviewing the manufacturing date of the product it was found that the product was manufactured on 14/9/2014. The product expires in a time period of 6 months from the date of manufacturing. Hence, the same stands expired as on 14/3/2015 (i.e. one month prior to the date of retail).

When the issue was raised with the vendor, rather than apologizing and stopping the distribution of the product, he was arrogant and shrewdly continued with the sale of expiry item.

It’s not just about this single product but every others item sold at this shop/dhaba is of poor quality and highly priced. Considering themselves to be the monopolistic sellers, they charge high for low quality products. Complaints, if any, are ignored.

Such a malpractice is not possible without the incentives being offered to the conductor/ driver of the bus. This is the why the bus is always made to stop at this Dhaba and not any other Dhabas.

Venue: New Mayur Dhaba
Kurukshetra (enroute Delhi)
Time: 3:50 PM
Bus Name: Him Mani (Deluxe Non-AC)
Route: Shimla to New Delhi

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