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Xiaomi customer support and service at its worst


After feeling highly pained & irritated by the worst customer support provided by you (Xiaomi) to their so called valued customers, I am compelled to write this review. I was one of the first ones in India to be an owner of the newly launched Xiaomi RedMi 1S in India. I bought the product on 22nd October 2014.

I was so impressed that I bought another unit of Xiaomi RedMi 1S on 22nd November 2014 followed by recommending the same to all my friends. The experience of using Red 1S as a product was undoubtedly great and at-par-excellence. I was highly satisfied as a customer of Xiaomi till 8th October 2015, when I lost my first phone and was compelled to use the second one.

Owing to the fact that the phone was lying unused in the delivered box for about 5 months, I was unable to switch on the device. It took me no time to realize that the battery might be at fault. I had a word with one of my friends who owns a mobile shop. He told me that it would just cost me Rs 50 and 15-20 minutes of my time to get the device back to working mode. But rather than handing over the device to him, I found it better to visit the nearest customer support centre and get my device rectified.

I visited the official Xiaomi India website and found that the nearest service centre would be the one located at:

MI Exclusive Center, G-5, 2nd Floor, Janak Place, Chatrapati Shivaji Marg, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058.

The Hours of Operation displayed on the site were: MONDAY to SATURDAY, 10:00 – 18:00. And too my surprise. There was no contact number available for the center on which I could have called them up for gaining some information or fixing up an pre-appointment for a visit.

Being a professional, Saturday was the most appropriate day for me to visit the center after completing all my weekly errands. On Saturday 10th October 2015, I hired an auto from my place and visited the center which is some 2-3 km from my residence.

On reaching the center I was actually amazed to see a long queue of customers (complainants) waiting to get their issues resolved.

I too joined the queue. To my surprise, there were three counters which were not providing any service but were rather acting as collection counters where you submit your devices to get them back after some days.

Anyhow, since I was there, so couldn’t trace my path back. Just a few numbers ahead me was an illiterate guy who wasn’t able to solve some updates issue in his device. A girl sitting at counter No. 2 was too rude to this senior citizen who was raising his request to her.

Finally my turn came. I believed that at this so called Service Center, I would simply present my phone and the Service executive would resolve the issue and give my phone back to me. But to my surprise the service job sheet issued to me against JobSheet No. JS15101001018 mentioned that the expected return date would be 24th October 2015. A duration of 14 days (2 weeks) made me feel as if Xiaomi was not servicing my phone but rather manufacturing a new customized unit just for me, that too not in India but in its China manufacturing unit. I had a word with the boy at counter No. 1 who told me that I would most probably receive my serviced device by Tuesday i.e. 13th October 2015. But when I called the Service Center on 13th October 2015, they said that it would take another two weeks. I had a telephonic conversation with your Service center manager Mr. Mohit Dimri but he too expressed his inability in helping me out.

I bought this device not because I was interested to have a collection of 3-4 phones of my choice, but because I wanted to own a phone so that it could be used as and when I am in need. Can you imagine how an individual would survive for 14 days without a phone, which has actually turned into a necessity these days?

Its not actually about the issues that people are facing with your defective & faulty devices but its actually about how well you handle the grievances of your customers. Sorry to say, you people have utterly failed in resolving the issues faced by me. In this era of cut-throat competition, consumers are much aware of their rights and how to exercise them

Owing to the fact that even after 9 days of submission, I have not received any updates from your side.

I hereby request you to take necessary measures and ensure that my device is couriered to my office address within a week from the receipt of this complaint i.e. most positively by 26th October 2015 as I don’t have extra time and money to visit your collection center again and again. If your fail to do so, I will be compelled you take legal course of action. Thanks

Vishal Sharma

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