Irregularities in footpath construction in Shimla city

SHIMLA- As a result of expansion of Shimla city, and increasing traffic, the roads have become too congested to accommodate both the pedestrians and vehicles. City needs more foothpaths to ensure safety and comfort of public. HW had started writing about poor condition of existing footpaths in 2012. Authorities attended to our complaint in 2013 and begin to maintain and repair existing f. With snail’s pace, in 2015, foothpaths were somewhat half-heartedly attended.



The footpath stretching from Vidhan Sabha to Victory Tunnel was repaired and net fencing was also installed. But only a small part of the footpath was fenced with net and rest of it  was left unattended. The foothpath on circular road doesn’t have net fencing at all.


Without net fencing, the gap between iron bars is unsafe, especially for children.


Why did rest of the net fences weren’t installed except a small stretch near Vidhan Sabha?

We aren’t sure how many foothpaths are available in the entire city, but we are sure none of them are built under single criteria. It’s definitely an irregularity on the part of responsible authorities and contractor.

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HW had also written about the poor condition of existing footpath near Talland and need to extend it upto Khalini Chowk. In 2015, the work is in progress for the same. However, the existing foothpath lacks net fencing too, and the fate of new foothpath is also uncertain.

The government is constructing new footpaths, but not showing any interest in appropriate roadside safety measures, such as strong parapets and crash-barriers despite loss of hundreds of lives every year due to road accidents.

footpath-after-gurudwara-shimla-old-bus-stand-shimla footpath-railway-station-to-victory-tunnel-shimla1



footpath-railway-station-to-victory-tunnel-shimla4 footpath-railway-station-to-victory-tunnel-shimla5


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