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State Govt. creating hurdles in revival of Shimla waste treatment plant: Sanjay Chauhan

Transportation of Shimla’s garbage to Chandigarh everyday in trucks, causing losses to SMC, which is spending 30-40 lakhs every month on transportation only. Reviving the waste treatment plant must be a priority for the state government, but its rather trying to put blame on MC by delaying sanction for it.

SHIMLA: While new technologies are being introduced under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan across the country, Shimla is yet to find an efficient method to manage solid waste collected from the city. Shimla’s solid waste is being disposed off and processed by Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC) which too has indicated Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) to not to carry it any further.

Bhariyal waste treatment plant at Totu Tara Devi Bypass, which was established in 2012 had stopped functioning in 2014, after that since October this year, everyday CMC has been receiving and processing around 60 tonnes of garbage of Shimla as per the directions of National Green Tribunal (NGT).

shimla waste treatment

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NGT too has ordered SMC to revive Bhariyal Plant as soon as possible. But as CMC’s plea in Supreme Court regarding not to process Shimla’s garbage has been approved on certain conditions, now SMC will have to revive its own plant at earliest.

SMC has been dependent on Chandigarh instead of repairing its own plant. Shimla mayor Sanjay Chauhan alleged that bidding to revive Bhariyal plant has already been done but it is the state government who is not sanctioning that.

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A cow stands amid smoke arising from burning garbage heap in Shimla

He said that state government too is involved in this matter who is delaying it even when NGT has directed it to repair the plant at earliest.

Due to transportation of Shimla’s garbage to Chandigarh everyday in trucks, we are bearing huge losses as on transportation alone we are spending around 30-40 lakhs every month. We have proposed to bring “waste to energy” project in city on power purchase aggrement (PPA) basis but we require it to be sanctioned by state government. We have requested government to sanction it,

he added.

SMC commissioner Pankaj Rai said as per NGT’s orders, CMC will have to collect and process Shimla’s garbage and this process so far is going quite smoothly.

I do not think there is any problem here. In January, a decision regarding this issue will be taken.

He said that they are complying “waste to energy ” in city which will be geared up very soon.

Our Shimla environment, heritage conservation and beautification workers are doing their work quite efficiently in collecting the waste and on Sunday too we had initiated safai abhiyan in three wards of Shimla,

he added.

Here are the proofs how efficiently Shimla MC workers are doing their job:

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