Heritage Walk Shimla

Shimla MC organizes heritage walk, Urges locals and tourist to keep city clean

SHIMLA- Municipal Corporation of Shimla organized a heritage walk on Sunday as a part of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Campaign) to create awareness among the local residents and tourists visiting Shimal city about maintaining cleanliness.

While it’s a bitter fact that Shimla city is struggling with malfunctioning garbage disposal system in the absence of even a single waste management plant, through this heritage walk SMC claimed that it strives to make the city clean and create awareness regarding littering among locals and tourists.

Mayor of Shimla, Sanjay Chauhan, flagged off the walk from historical Church on the Ridge Ground to Ambedkar Chowk, Chaura Maidan. Including SMC Commissioner, various officers and sanitation workers of MC Shimla too participated in the event.

Shimla MC

Photo: TNS

The participants held banners appealing people not to litter while they visit the city. People were also appealed through distribution of pamphlets to join the initiative for making city litter free.
Shimla MC Heritage Walk

The banners also displayed the ‘Swachhta Helpline’- 1916 to encourage more people to use it to report littering around the city. The walk was concluded at Chaura Maidan with over 200 participants.

The SMC also invited people to be part of every efforts being made by Municipal Corporation Shimla to make the city clean and beautiful so that it retains its historical, ecological as well as aesthetic values.

With urbanization both population and amount of waste produced in Shimla city have increased, but without sufficient infrastructure SMC is really struggling to keep the city litter free.

MC Shimla cleanlines drive

Even if we ignore lack of efforts by the administration for a while, it’s a well established fact that even well educated locals and tourists indulge in littering. Littering is considered very common practice by Indian masses owing their lack of awareness regarding environmental damages and health hazards. Littering not only pollutes environment but also create visual pollution. Shimla is an international tourist spot and tourism contributes as second largest economy of the state. To ensure that Shimla remains an attraction for the world, the society will have to take the matter into their own hands and understand their duty in keeping the city clean.

SMC or any administration is destined to fail in this mission unless people do not participate and support such cleanliness campaigns.

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