Why no one is fighting against rising vehicular emission in Himachal? It’s getting really bad

SHIMLA- Despite our regular efforts to highlight it, there is still no respite from visibly polluting HRTC buses. We are posting another video of one of many HRTC buses polluting and running unchecked on Shimla’s roads. No need to say private transporters including buses, trucks and other carriage vehicles are also flaunting all environmental laws. Why not? When the government itself doesn’t care about this highly sensitive issue, then why others would bother about it? Let Shimla choke in emissions. The people are watching like mute spectators, unaware of the catastrophe that awaits to bring destruction upon their peaceful home. The opposition party BJP and opposition leader Prem Kumar Dhumal has no clue about environmental protection(at all) either. CPI(M) and Aam Adami Party weren’t even herd once talking about this issue of paramount importance.

So, no one is interested in preserving the clean air of Himachal when there is still time?

But we are sure that when the ecological damage would become irreversible, then everyone would start crying over spilt milk.

It’s a kind request to all citizens of Himachal to pay attention to this condition and help us highlight the issue from their respective regions. If you come across a visibly polluting vehicle, please, click a picture or record a video and share it with us.

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