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Meet Sanjay, Shimla-based chef who represented India at prestigious Bocuse d’Or, Singapore

SHIMLA- Our hearts leap with joy every time we see an Indian making the nation’s presence felt globally. This time it’s Sanjay Thakur from Kufri, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, who has done the state proud by representing India as a participant at Bocuse D’Or contest – also known as the Olympics of the culinary world. It was the first-ever edition of the Asia-Pacific selections for Bocuse d’Or that was held from 14th to 15th April 2016 at the Singapore Expo.

Sanjay Thakur

Sponsored by S.Pellegrino, the aim of the event is to bring together some of the best chefs from across Asia and the Pacific region for a live cooking competition. The winners of this particular competition will further take part in the final Bocuse D’Or World Cooking contest that will take place in January 2017 in France.

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Total nine chefs from across the region were selected to represent nine different countries including Australia, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Singapore and New Zealand. Representing India, Sanjay Thakur was one of the contestants in this prestigious culinary competition.

Bocuse d’Or

Sanjay works for Etihad Airlines, U.A.E. and was selected for the competition through the same platform. With a deep passion for food in his heart, Sanjay is working as professional chef for many years. His sheer hard work and passion finally fetch him a chance to represent India, thus, make Himachal proud at international competition.


For the contest, Sanjay had presented a very special beef dish with various taste-enhancing ingredients including fiddlehead ferns infused in oil, as well as Himalayan pink salt from northern India. Asia-Pacific jury appreciated Sanjay’s cooking and the way he made use of all the ingredients in his recipe. The jury members even referred him as ‘Indian Gun,’ and would like to see him again in next contest as well.


Speaking about his amazing experience at Bocuse D’Or, Sanjay Thakur told Himachal Watcher,

I felt great to be the part of Bocuse D’Or, which is considered as prestigious as Oscars or Olympics in the culinary world. I competed against high-end chefs, most of them coming from a Michelin background. I am glad that my performance was appreciated by the Michelin jury members. The jury even referred me as ‘Indian Gun’.

Sanjay has well represented his nation, as well as modern Indian cuisine at the international culinary event. Such Indian-origin chefs are proudly introducing the nuances of India’s food into international market. Although Japan, Singapore and Australia were announced as the gold, silver and bronze award winners respectively, but Sanjay has undoubtedly won the jury’s hearts and made Himachal proud.

S.Pellegrino, for Etihad Airlines

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