Om Parkash Sharma Artist

Shimla-based green artist turns trash into marvelous wildlife figures

SHIMLA- Recently, a recycle art exhibition in Shimla was organized to showcase works of Shimla-based recycle artist Om Parkash Sharma, a retired art teacher, was organized in Shimla. The artist has used the waste material which we usually dump in trash to make impressive artifacts.

The artist has made use of waste material like paper mash, plastic, cold drinks bottles, bottle caps, empty refills, broken bangles, pine cones and other such stuff that is found in abundance all around us.

plastic use art

While talking to Himachal Watcher about his work he said it was his passion to make different creatures out of waste material.

Ever since my retirement I try to channelize my energy into a productive activity so that I remain busy as well as active. I think this is the best way to serve the society.

gaity theater shimla

In western culture, it’s becoming a trend and healthy practice to re-use/recycle discarded domestic objects or material because the landfills can’t take it anymore. For India, the situation is much uglier. The landfills are are already overflowing, like the Deonar -Asia’s oldest and largest landfill in Mumbai. The overflowing landfill was set on fire and it continued smothering for about a month. Waste has turned out to be a gigantic issue that we are not able to manage.

recyceled items

So, anyone who is recycling waste in anyway deserves respect for pursuing such an ethical practice. Apparently, this green artist from Shimla is a wise man who cares for his home planet.

The exhibit turned out to be a marvelous experience for all after witnessing such a creative way to transform waste materials into an animal land. One can see Monal, Western Tragopan, Dogs, Cock, Trees, Flowers and many other animals that are found in Himachal. This was the second exhibition of Om in Shimla as previous one was held 2 years back.

Monal Bird

Nearly 100 different animals and birds were showcased at the exhibition. He has also managed to make tree of State flower as well which is captivating many. This time he has also experimented paintings for which he used acrylic colors and made different colorful birds with the help of crystals that are easily available in market.

Spectators took an inspiration from the exhibition as many of them were willing to use the same in their future lives as well to give their waste material a creative twist.

Recycling of domestic waste/trash is something that HP government must encourage in the state. So, this artist deserves special round of applause.

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