Welcome to ‪Shimla‬ – Queen of Hills once known for quality and purity of breathable air

#‎VoteBetterNextTime‬ ‪#‎SaveShimla‬

These pictures draw clear image of what Shimla City and other towns of Himachal are currently going through- heavy vehicular emissions/air pollution, which both government and public have chosen to completely ignore so far. Eve educated people are unaware that their children and elderly members of family are most hit by toxic pollutants (PM 2.5 ) and are vulnerable to respiratory and lung disorders more than adults. As a cherry on the top, unchecked emissions are leading to climate change as well.

Save Shimla From HRTC

Public transport (‪#‎HRTC‬) is the flag-holder among worst polluters followed by private transportation vehicles. So, it’s in vain to expect anything from government.

Present generation of ministers and politicians is too backward to comprehend criticality of situations, such as air pollution and climate change.

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