Demand for Shimla MC dissolution in HP Assembly for failure to provide safe drinking water

SHIMLA- Recovery of deceased Yug Gupta’s remains from Kelesten water tank in Shimla city has reached the state assembly.  BJP MLA Suresh Bhardwaj and Congress MLA Anirudh Singh on Wednesday called attention motion and demanded dissolution of Shimla Municipal Corporation.

Yug was kidnapped from his residence in Ram Bazaar on June 14, 2014 and his skeleton was, as per CID team, was recovered in a Municipal Corporation’s water tank at Kelesten on August 22.

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Shimla has made headlines in national media and has shamed Himachal due to this ghastly crime. SMC was once again exposed for its failure to provide safe drinking water to the residents, Suresh Bhardwaj

Media reports say that the skeleton of the boy has been recovered from MC’s water tank after two years. The Corporation, which has already earned bad name in the country for the worst jaundice outbreak when the sewage got mixed with water, has once again failed to perform the duty,

he said.

SMC have made claims that tanks in Shimla city were cleaned  twice earlier this year and had even submitted an affidavit in this regard. Then how a skeleton, tied to a stone and wrapped in a sack, was found in the water tank, he asked. It is a serious issue as the supply from that water tank goes to different localities, he added.

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He called it a gross failure of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Shimla and made a call for dissolution of the Corporation. He said that mayor and deputy mayor are busy doing foreign tours at the cost of civic body’s work.

They talk of solving the world level issues, but have spoiled Shimla in their tenure. The Municipal Corporation is unable to perform the duty of giving clean water in their leadership? What for they are here then?

he said.

Failure of Police and Law and order as well as operation of SMC is questionable and government should ensure this heinous case of murder of a 4-year-old is put before the fast track court, he further said.

Photo: Amar Ujala

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