trap kills Leopard killed in kangra

Another leopard killed as gruesome poacher trap slits its throat, 3rd killings in Himachal in one month

KANGRA- A gruesome animal trap laid by hunters slit the throat of a marvelous, six and half feet female leopard in Ward.3 of the Dada Siba Panchayat in district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The leopard stepped on a live trap laid by poacher/locals for illegal hunting of animals with the cruelest method. The trap ensnared the big cat with her body almost cut in two at the throat. Some children spotted the leopard in woods on Saturday. The scared children ran back to home and informed the parents. People witnessed a gruesome scene when they arrived at the spot.

The pradhan of the panchayat informed the local police. A complaint has been filed against unknown person. The carcass was later burnt after the postmortem.

This is the third leopard in Himachal to be killed by unknown culprits within one month. At the beginning of February month, a leopard was killed by forest team and villagers in district Una  after it attacked them. The forest team had arrived to rescue the cat wounded after it was shot with firearm.


Leopard killed in Sirmaur district, All 4 paws chopped off

Towards the end of the February, a leopard was found dead in the forest of Kaula Wala Bhood in district Sirmaur. All four paws were chopped off for the nails by the killers.

Traps Killing Cattle and Pets in Kangra, District Administration Still in Slumber
poacher traps in Kangra

This is not the first case. For past couple of years, several cattle and pets were either decapitated or died extremely painful death after they were caught in animal traps laid by locals and poachers. These traps are never animal specific and mostly are of two types, one made with metal wires and other includes luring animal to eat edibles containing small explosives. In first type of trap, an animal, which could be anything that happened to step on the live trap, is strangled and dies bleeding and palpitating painfully. Sometimes, the victim animals go through days of suffering as trap tightens around their body. In second type of trap, cases have been reported where cattle eat bread containing explosive that exploded in their mouth, leaving the jaws unhinged.

The issue was raised by Amercian activist Joellen Anderson, who had counted seven such cases only in one month.

A cow had stepped in a wire trap which had completely cut off its foot near the bus stand.Another cow in Palampur had bitten an explosive trap hidden inside a chapati, which burst in its mouth and completely fractured and unhinged the jaw. Both died slowly over a week’s time,

she said.

Yogesh Kumar, another activist cited example of a dog that died after being caught in a trap. The wire had cut into his flesh and the internal organs had come out. The dog had suffered for two weeks before dying.

Those who survive are left permanently disfigured. The traps are so deeply hidden that it is only a matter of time before a child inadvertently becomes maimed,

had said another activist at Peepal Farm in Chambi. Wounded animals are rescued and treated at the Farm. From his experience, the activist said that survival rate for such animals, wounded in traps, is extremely low.

The district administration, local police, and forest department are as callous as they can be despite sharp rise in such cases.
These traps are never animal-specific and kill any animal or even humans.  Poacher or local people lay these traps during winters when animals come down to lower areas from high mountains. The administration need to wake up from its slumber and act before more of such animals die caught in these cruel traps.

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